Danny Hodges Founding Pastor Calvary Chapel St. Pete

Pastor Danny has redacted his retirement announcement he made during the Easter Services. In light of his confession during the April 29 & 30 services, Danny has stepped down from all ministry to go through this healing/reconciliation process through a pastoral care ministry called Pastor Serve.

Who is Pastor Serve?

Pastor Serve is a pastoral care ministry that provides coaching and crisis support to churches in need. To learn more, please visit: pastorserve.net/about

Is Danny returning to Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg?

For a time, Danny & Wendy will be away from Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg in order to begin the healing process. We want to see Danny Hodges return to fellowship when Pastor Serve, the Board of Directors and the Pastoral Staff feel Danny is ready to. Our desire is to see him healed before serving the church again in any capacity.

How long will this healing/reconciliation process last?

Pastor Serve will oversee this process as long as it takes and they estimate that this process could last up to a year. We want to see Danny healed and reconciled and are committed to however long this process takes.

Who will be the new Senior Pastor?

There are no immediate plans to appoint a new Senior Pastor. The Board of Directors and Pastoral Staff will seek the Lord during this time to put in place a plan to find a replacement.

Who will be taking over the teaching of services?

There will be a rotation of Pastors and Elders to teach during the services.

Who will be overseeing the church operations?

Our Pastoral Staff already oversee the church operations and everything will continue as usual.

When will more updates be made available?

The Board of Directors and Pastoral Staff will update our church family as decisions are prayerfully made in the coming weeks and months. Our intentions are to keep our church family as informed as possible.

Is Wendy Hodges stepping down from ministry?

Yes, Wendy Hodges is stepping down from Women in the Word as well as her responsibilities of overseeing women’s ministry. During this time, Wendy will also be ministered to by Pastor Serve.

Who will be overseeing Women’s Ministry in the future?

We are not immediately appointing Wendy’s replacement. All other Women’s Ministries will continue under their direct leaders.

What can our church family do for Danny & Wendy Hodges?

The church will support them financially through this healing/reconciliation process so they can focus on their relationship with the Lord. The best thing to do for Danny & Wendy Hodges is to keep them in your prayers (Eph. 6:18).

We understand this is difficult for our church family, therefore we have provided THREE ways for you to receive support and counsel from our Pastoral Staff:
1. TALK to a Pastor after every service.
2. EMAIL a Pastor at [email protected]
3. CALL a Pastor at 727-471-1198

First Retirement Announcement on Easter Sunday.

Recorded video announcement that later followed.

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