The Calvary Chapel Movement

Pastor Danny’s President Position in Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg Inc removed as of 04/26/2017. This is according to Florida State Division of Corporations filing details. Danny has been listed as President of Calvary Chapel of St. Pete as far back as 03/02/1995.

We do not know specifically what “alleged deep sin issue or financial matter” Danny stands accused of. Certainly nothing that warrants banishment from the kingdom for up to a year, according to his video.

In the business world there is whats called a “hostile takeover” and Calvary is a corporate entity. More info on hostile takeover is here, though this ministry is not a publicly traded entity. We are speculating this could be what happened to our beloved Pastor Danny. According to this article hostile takeovers can happen to any ministry.

Also of interest is this: Brodersen splits from CCA; calls for new Global Network. The Calvary Chapel fracture was bound to happen, and now it appears Costa Mesa senior pastor Brian Brodersen is leading that split, calling for “like-minded” pastors to stand with him.

Over the weekend Brodersen quit his leadership position at the Calvary Chapel Association, and announced he is establishing a new Calvary Chapel Global Network. This network, he says, will be a place for pastors on his side of the split “be a part of something greater than our own local congregations.” Read more here, and here.

Nobody could teach the word of GOD better than Danny. He is a one of a kind reverend. He knew the bible better than most and could recite bible scriptures and verses from memory without opening his bible.

An incredible ordained man of GOD who will never be replaced. Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg grew from a handful of believers meeting at Danny’s home to the huge (former Walmart) facility it is now.

Pastor Danny we all miss you and are praying for you. Find a new location and we will follow you! 😉

Calvary Corporate Filing 2016 59-2322547
State of Florida division of corporations Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg annual filing 2016
Calvary Corporate Filing 2017 59-2322547
State of Florida division of corporations Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg annual filing 2017