Pastor Danny Celebrates Calvary Mortgage Payoff By Burning It

Pastor Danny on 05/17/2016 Burns Calvary Chapel St. Pete paid-off Mortgage, taken out in 2009.

Nobody will ever replace pastor Danny. We pray GOD Returns him to us.

If Danny returning to Calvary is not GOD’s wish – we pray he acquires another location to teach the lords word.

24 Thoughts to “Pastor Danny Celebrates Calvary Mortgage Payoff By Burning It”

  1. TRUTH

    Why do the Ruling Elders not elected? Why have they not changed people in over 10 years? Has the congregation ever seen a budget? We know we give our tithes unto the Lord, but that’s where things went wrong. No accountability. And now one of them have been seeking to take over without regarding the one God appointed coveting pulpit wow

    1. Ray

      Elders are nominated and the church is given adequate notice to object to their appointment. Please name the one you believe s seeking to take over? We would all like to know because none of the current pastors want to be senior pastor.

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Ray, there are so many questions. No one pastor at Calvary could ever stand up to Pastor Danny’s teaching, and the person he is!

    2. Carole A Collotty

      TRUTH, WOW is right!

    3. Stan

      Ask Danny. He has been in charge of all of that. I wonder too

  2. Ray

    Danny was overseeing the budget, he was given too much control by the founding documents, 1 person should have never had so much power over the entire church. Please name who you think is trying to take over as you mentioned. Ask them directly. Ask the other leaders and elders. Please get the facts. Sometimes people can’t handle the truth….. especiallly if you don’t agree with it.

    1. Ray, It’s been said pastor Seddio controlled Calvary’s money, is that true?

      1. Ray

        Joe Seddio is the employee who oversees the financial part of the business, but he was under the direct supervision of the senior pastor. So while he might write the checks there is a system of checks and balances and a budget to follow.

    2. Rebeca Gallegos

      Sometimes people can’t handle it when God uses a humble individual in a way they don’t agree with. Coveting. Jealousy. Those sins are every bit as deep as what you ACCUSE Danny of.

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Hello Rebeca, I liked your reply to Ray, exactly right. I don’t nor would I ever accuse Danny of anything other than having a special God given gift to use as God directs him. He is definitely a very humble and special man. I believe his humility and who he is is being used against him in a way we will never know, which is totally sad and unfair to Danny and the church. I will continue to pray if a wrong was made, God will make it right. I don’t know how many others feel like I do but I’m sure there are many. This is actually affecting my health negatively. I still feel like Im in a frenzy to vent. I really, desperately need to keep my focus on God and His plan.

  3. TRUTH

    Deception deception. They all have been on it for many years and as long as they sat in their large salaries, they were all ok with everything Danny did and said. Now all of a sudden they realized he had too much power. In fact, how did all abuse this power? That remains unspoken.
    As for the one that thought will be taking over… it’s not for us to tell.
    Be watchful, sober and alert!

    1. So it’s looking like the insiders thought Danny had too much power and alleviated him of it. My personal opinion only.

      1. Ray

        1 person should not be able to hire and fire at its own discretion. That’s what was happening because the church documents allowed it….

        1. S

          A friend of mine was hired there…. through Joe Seddio and it never went through Pastor Danny. So to say he does ALL the hiring/firing is not true. Not to mention he is the senior pastor and SHOULD have say.

          1. Carole A Collotty

            S, exactly!

        2. Rebeca Gallegos

          I thought this was about a deep sin issue…?! What does God-given power have to do with that?

          Oh, that’s right. The usurpers who are coveting what God gave to one man for ministry to His body are just using that as a cover to try and camouflage what they’re really up to. The cover is being pulled back and soon all will see you for what you are.

          God loves his flock. We will not follow hirelings. We know our Shepherd’s voice, we hear it every time Danny teaches the Word of God.

    2. Carole A Collotty

      TRUTH, why is it that I’m the only one who posts with my entire name?

      1. Rebeca Gallegos

        I do too sister. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, my husband says. We can show ourselves because we walk according to the light of Christ. We are unashamed because we are bearing witness to the truths taught by our Maker in the Word of God.

  4. Truth

    Elders are nominated. Ruling Elders (formerly knows as The Board) has been in that position for over 10 years. Strange!

    1. Stef

      Ruling elders nominated by Danny, invited by Danny, asked by a Danny
      to serve.

      1. Maybe that statement should read “were previously nominated, invited, and asked by Danny” as he in no longer in power.

        An interesting and very telling comment by Randy, about the differences between biblical vs non biblical persons holding positions of power.

        Personally, I won’t speculate on who wronged who or if there is any sort of conspiracy-type of activity going on. My main point is that CC’s leadership is in trouble because they simply aren’t as biblically sound as people thought. Assuming Danny’s confession is true then, yes, grace and forgiveness are due him, but biblically so is church discipline. Some may forget about that second part but it’s absolutely biblical and necessary.

        And the effort to remove Danny from his pulpit was done in secret. Certain unnamed (yet) church insiders used an outside source PastorServe, possibly in layman’s terms, a pastoral services law firm, to execute a takeover of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg corporation. My personal thinking only.

        1. Stef

          And you couldn’t be further off from the truth in your thoughts. PastorServe was brought in with the full awareness, knowledge and approval of Danny. Your ignorance of the facts is beginning to show and be uncovered.

          1. I have confirmed that PastorServe was brought in with pastor Danny’s approval, he thought everything would be OK. But i have heard the pastors involved lied to PastorServe.

            Regardless what you say, Calvary’s lack of transparency and changing the details on the announcement page does not reflect well on the insiders involved. Tell me, why did they change the church announcement to say “Pastor Danny will not be returning to the pulpit?”

            As far as my identity is concerned, I’ve left enough bread crumbs laying around that someone should have figured it by now. Full disclosure is coming soon.

          2. Carole A Collotty

            Stef, how do you know that and others don’t? No one answers anymquestions asked??????

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