Danny Hodges Return Status Details Changed On Calvary St. Pete Church Announcement Page

Calvary Chapel St. Pete has changed their “Church Announcement” page regarding pastor Danny’s return status.

Is Danny returning to Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg?

Previously this paragraph read:

For a time, Danny & Wendy will be away from Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg in order to begin the healing process. We want to see Danny Hodges return to fellowship when Pastor Serve, the Board of Directors and the Pastoral Staff feel Danny is ready to. Our desire is to see him healed before serving the church again in any capacity.

Today it reads:

For a time, Danny & Wendy will be away from Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg in order to begin the healing process. We expect to see Danny and Wendy return to fellowship soon. The specific intent of the PastorServe process is not to return Pastor Danny to the pulpit, however, our desire is for Danny to serve the body after completing the PastorServe process.

Google Cache page snapshot taken on 05/13/17.

Calvary Church Announcement Page Before Alteration
Calvary changed the details about pastor Danny’s return sometime after this snapshot was taken

Personally we don’t believe ccsp had any intentions of returning Danny to the pulpit. It’s also our opinion that PastorServe is being used as a middleman. Thus taking the heat off Calvary St. Pete church personnel who initiated this process.

It’s been said pastor Danny had too much power and controlled the church’s finances. Obviously that power has been taken away from him. Possibly someone wanted to do other things with the church tithes.

We’re thinking there has to be a whole lot more to this story that we have been told. Sneaky and Underhanded! 😡

20 Thoughts to “Danny Hodges Return Status Details Changed On Calvary St. Pete Church Announcement Page”

  1. Carole A Collotty

    Yes, I have to believe there is more to the story that we have been told.

  2. Bob Schlechy

    YES there is more to the story than any of us have been told but what makes you think you deserve to be let in on all of the details? Danny said he accepted the decision and for all you know he wants and needs the time off. You are a band of vipers spreading gossip. Get behind me Satan!!!!!

    1. V

      What makes us think we deserve details?
      God’s money being mishandled

      1. Stefan

        How is it being mishandled? Please provide valid proof and evidence.

        1. Is investing the church bodies tithes on PPC Adverting normal chapel business?

        2. V

          Ask joe seddio to see the financial records on spending

    2. Bob Bob Bob, we believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, even you. Though you appear to have an anger issue of some sort. You add a whole new definition to the term, “nothing hurts worse than the truth.” Have a blessed day.

      1. Bob Schlechy

        HostMaster, Identify yourself. Yes I am angry because of the sinful nature of this website. You are vipers spreading gossip and rumors and creating divisiveness in the church I love. If you have issues with individuals then go to them and stop this! You need to repent. For all any of us know you are a demon just seeking to separate our church and do not and have not ever attended. You offer nothing but gossip. You hide your identity. Who from Calvary should believe anything you say. Danny gave us his truth in his video. That is ALL I have to offer.

        1. Our church? So you are one of the elders?

        2. Bob, you are obviously running damage control for someone, I suspect Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. Please stop spamming this blog. This is your last warning. I will identify myself in due time.

    3. Rebeca Gallegos

      Are you the “Bob” that Sebastian keeps referring to in his messages? He’s mention Bob and Susan in two separate messages, so you must be pretty important, if you’re the Bob he’s talking to.

      1. Got a chuckle out of Sebastian mentioning a non believers website today. He sounded really angry. No non believers here that I know of.

        1. Rebeca Gallegos

          Nobody that I know was ever confused when Danny was in his pulpit. Confusion abounds now. God is not the author of that, but we know who is.

          I believe that most all of us really love Jesus and the fellowship he has made us a part of. I pray that God will bless us, the congregations of Calvary Chapel worldwide, with a spirit of discernment that will recognize Truth no matter where it comes from.

    4. Can't Identify Myself for Good Reasons

      This is the last I am posting. Bob, there is nothing bad to hide here and it is not wicked for folks to want to hear truth. We live in a world where everyone lies, and it is not wrong to expect more at church.

      Here’s the basic time line folks. This is the truth and there is no intent to point fingers or accuse anyone…just to give the facts (Keep in mind Danny has confessed to alcohol issues, but has had nothing to drink for almost 2 years. He has confessed to anger problems over and over in his messages. Finally, he has confessed to pride, but seeing that he is the one who gave in and confessed to the congregation, I’d call that pretty humble)

      First there was tension between Danny and some of the pastors at Calvary Chapel for a variety of reasons for sometime. Some of the differences are theological, Calvinism and the Calvary Chapel “Moses” model are just a couple of the theological differences. Some are over leadership style, many of the pastor’s did not feel like they could “talk things over” with Danny because he was unapproachable, and some are over management decisions he made like firing someone in maintenance and putting his son on staff with full benefits when there were others waiting for full time status. How do I know these things? The unhappy pastors have voiced this publicly to many, many people for a long time, and that is the truth.

      Pandora’s box was opened when Danny presented to the Ruling Board the five year plan he thought the Lord had given him. That plan was to groom his youngest son to take over as Pastor in five years. The Board had problems with the plan, but Danny continued to pursue the idea.

      When the unhappy pastors got wind of this, it brought all the prior issues to a giant head. The idea of Jairus as Pastor of Calvary Chapel probably had almost nothing to do with what followed, but instead was a reason to air those problems that already existed. Whether the pastors went to Bob Cory or whether he got wind of it from the pastors or Board, Bob wrote a letter to the Board, which was in essence a character assassination of Danny Hodges. (Those who have been involved at Calvary know there was no love loss between Bob and Danny.) After reading the letter, the Ruling Board decided to interview the other pastors and staff. Things were now set in motion with the majority of the pastoral staff (Excluding Art, Luis, and Frank) opposing Danny continuing as pastor with the Calvary Chapel “Moses” model. They believed Danny had too much power. There was stubbornness on both sides with neither willing to give in. At some point the pastors also wrote a letter to the Board with Art, Frank, and Luis not signing. The Board did not know what to do. Both sides, Danny and the Pastors, were unbending so the Board decided to go to an outside organization to mitigate. I believe Art Dykstra and Dave Dodge were tasked with finding an organization. Art did not believe this was biblical and so I am not sure how involved he was or who suggested Pastor Serve to them.

      Pastor Serve came in and conducted interviews in what seems like a whirlwind fashion. In the report there was some truth, some lies, and some incidents from many, many years ago. (There was absolutely nothing immoral in the findings!) I am wondering why Pastor Serve did not verify everything in the report, but they did not and it seems like including false witness makes them liable on some level. Danny had a few options…a vote of confidence from all the elders, a retirement package, or the Pastor Serve option. As we all know he first chose the retirement option, but reconsidered and decided to confess his previous drinking issue, his anger (which we already knew about) and his pride, and submit himself to the Board and Pastor Serve knowing this would allow him a path back to Calvary.

  3. Can't Identify Myself for Good Reasons

    It is time to stop. Stop asking questions because your questions only open the opportunity for half truth answers. In this blog there is much speculation. Some of it is very correct and some of it is very wrong. This is what happens when leaders are not honest, it becomes political and it feels like Washington DC. We don’t expect this from our Christian leaders, but that is what it is nonetheless. It is not the sheep that need to repent, but the shepherds that did not guard the gate and opened our church up to this. Danny has repented, and until the rest repent publicly, things will remain a mess. If those involved in this fiasco would repent and ask Danny to return and work out the differences between them all there would be revival at Calvary Chapel.

    But please stop asking questions and stop speculating about half truths you have been told. Support the leadership or go to another church. If Danny returns, then join him and celebrate when he does, but in the meantime, even if you are right, causing division in a church is wrong. You must support the leadership and there is new leadership now!

    1. CIMFGR, I appreciate your comment.

      It’s politics no doubt. The staff at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg probably should been more upfront why Pastor Hodges was removed. Their unchristian like secrecy and deceit created this rift. It’s my personal opinion as a United States Citizen, those that expelled Pastor Danny from the kingdom didn’t count on this kind of negative publicity.

      Many of Pastor Danny’s sheep, me included, are brokenhearted loosing our Shepard. Many of us are ready to go to battle to get our Shepard back. We will follow Pastor Danny wherever he sets up his pulpit. Nobody can replace his upfront truthful method of teaching the bible. Dave Dodge and Sebastian Dortch just don’t cut it as bible teachers. I for one refuse to attend services at CCSP, unless Pastor Danny is returned to his pulpit.

    2. Crazy for Truth

      CIMFGR: Thanks for the info. It needed to be told. There are some blanks but you have the bulk of it. Conversations need to be had by all involved.

      “when leaders are not honest” “half truths you have been told.” ” You must support the leadership and there is new leadership now!”

      The obvious question is: Why should we support ‘when leaders are not honest’ and ‘half truths’ have been told?

      1. Can't Identify Myself for Good Reasons

        I think I did say it, if you can’t support the leadership at your church, go to another church. We would not be in this position if those in leadership who so disagreed with Danny had just left and gone to another church.

        1. Crazy for Truth

          You were talking of the leadership and not the flock? Did not read it that way. Agreed. But, it’s more than going to another church, it’s finding a cushy new job that requires so little of you.

  4. Doreen

    On Easter my thoughts were immediate, what now? I was crushed, we have Been-through 3 church splits since we became Christians and we felt blessed and finally safe to be in a church that had its priorities right, A church focused and that fed us nourishing food, offered missions and strong management and blessed in prayer. . Pryor to Easter we felt compelled to bring our friends and pulled our family in. I was and still I am connected to the ministries we serve in.
    We knew someday Danny would retire but we anticipated his plan would include preparation and a solid transfer of authority. What happened behind in the inner works of management in my opinion should have been resolved and addressed before blogs and new church start ups happened. I would have like to see some heart in the new staff teaching at Calvary after Dannny stepped down and some healthy transition…I would have liked to be able to feel okay if we stayed at Calvary or followed Danny. I prayed I would hear Gods answers and possibly we would have gone forward on July 9th to hear what Danny had to say about his new church , however if the rally group that was held this past weekends at Seminole lake is the tone for that, I don’t need a comedy show and I do want the conflict I am feeling with people whispering in the sanctuary now and I want and need Gods word. I dont want to feel like like I was in the midst of A campaign .I love our Calvary church body and the ministry I serve in but since Easter I am not hungry – I am starving for Gods word…. I am heart broken , discouraged and I am waiting to hear where God wants me to be… my family who has just started to follow me to Calvary asks me how did I miss the signs and I told them I don’t go to church to hear the gossip and whispering and play politics I got to Church to devour Gods word, get full of The Holy Spirit and right now I feel both places need more discipline in what comes from their church bodies mouth …..
    I for now I will keep serving at Calvary if they will have me , I feel my choices for being churched for now are stay home and church on line so I can be removed from the distraction or find a new church service or Calvary location for teaching . God has shown Me great mercy this year though many health issues I am sure HE did not bring me this far to be a halfhearted Christian, I will be patient and wait for his word.

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