Calvary Chapel St. Pete Running PPC Ads Promoting Danny Leaving Page

CCSP spending church money on PPC Adwords promoting it’s church update page.

This is the page advising visitors about pastor Danny’s status.

This morning while reviewing this sites webmaster tools analytics, we discovered this big Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) advertisement promoting Calvary’s church update.

Calvary St. Pete PPC Ad
This pay per click ad was spotted durng a Calvary pastor Danny related google search

It is our opinion that PPC is a waste of money when organic (free) search results are already hitting the targeted key-phrase. It has been mentioned that someone else might be paying for Calvary’s ads. While that’s possible – we highly doubt it.

Calvary Chapel CCSP PPC Ad 06.02.17
Another CCSP PPC ad spotted 06/02/17. Waste of money with adequate organic serps.

PPC advertising is not cheap!

  • Google AdWords is based on an auction system that rewards businesses who have high-quality ad campaigns with lower costs and better ad placement.
  • You can exercise tight control over how your AdWords budget is spent using tactics like ad scheduling, geotargeting, and device targeting.
  • The average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 on the search network. The average CPC on the Display Network is under $1.
  • The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click. These are generally highly competitive keywords in industries that have high customer lifetime values, like law and insurance.
  • Giant retailers can spend up to $50 million per year on paid search in AdWords.
  • The average small business using AdWords spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That’s $100,000 to $120,000 per year.

This post is simply an observation we thought worthy of blogging. Maybe investing the bodies tithes on ppc advertising is normal everyday church business. What are your thoughts?

27 Thoughts to “Calvary Chapel St. Pete Running PPC Ads Promoting Danny Leaving Page”

  1. Rebeca, thank you for your comment.

  2. Randy

    This may be John Babb’s idea. His company manages AdWords campaigns. I worked for John for a couple of years managing these campaigns for clients. It’s not necessarily wrong for a church to pay for advertising and there is a lot of control and it can make sense for some, however, it’s terribly inefficient and is not necessarily a good investment for everyone. John, however, liked the revenue it generated for his company and always put the most positive spin on it to clients. I found myself managing campaigns for clients for whom the service made no sense. In this case I would agree that there is little need for PPC since CCSP ranks so well organically. In John’s world, secular pragmatism came first while biblical principles trailed far behind. For example, twice within a week and a half he stood in the middle of the office and directed us to go back and “nickel and dime” our clients (yes, that’s an actual quote) by logging the smallest activities on our time sheets. John’s billing increments were rounded to the nearest 10 minutes (which is appropriate for certain types of work). What he was asking us to do was review everything we had done and record on our timesheets even a 30 second email to a client knowing full well it would bill out at 10 minutes. So only six such minor activities would create 1 hour worth of billing. The Bible’s teaching about honest weights and measures was always ringing in my ears. John offered the justification that this was how law firms billed and that he was simply using the same model (I noticed he always appealed to worldly principles rather than scriptural). However, I researched this on the American Bar Association’s website partly to check his claim but also for my own information as I considered doing some separate freelance work. I discovered the claim was not entirely true. There is a history behind billing increments and their ethics and some firms use this method but modern technology allows many law firms to bill straight time, meaning if you spend 47 minutes on a project, 47 minutes is billed, if 5 minutes are spent then 5 minutes are billed. As I considered my own freelance work, it was clear this was certainly the right and biblical method. Further, John’s company used software that allowed us to simply punch in and out of projects so accurate tracking was no problem and billing straight time could have been done. However, John decided to have the system round everything up. There is an ethically acceptable use to round off time billed but for John to specifically direct us to go back and find the most minuscule tasks to bill at a greatly disproportionate advantage to him was flatly unethical. Moreover, the 10 minute increment began as a miscalculation on his part (it was supposed to be fewer minutes) but he never corrected it. As another example, WingHouse contacted him about doing some work for them. John verbally wondered whether or not he should take the business since WingHouse is basically a Hooters knock-off, selling sexy waitresses as much as wings. What did John do? He took the business and I found myself editing marketing emails with scantily clad waitresses (their Halloween email looked like porn stars) while John collected the money. This pattern was commonplace: express the right-sounding Christian concern but act on worldly principles that brought in money. Needless to say, John and I did not have the greatest working relationship by the time I left. This combined with frequent salty language in the office, derogatory comments about clients, and a few years in his Life Group taught me first-hand that he just wasn’t biblically grounded. As a member of CCSP I couldn’t help but be struck that this was an elder in the church.

    So, back to this blog post. It’s entirely possible the AdWords campaign is being managed responsibly or that there is some good reason to use it. But this is just one example of the bigger problem in CCSP’s leadership and the question over who is making decisions and how they are making them (i.e. it’s also possible there is no good reason for AdWords). Not only do I no longer work for John, but I also left CCSP several years ago. One of the many reasons was I had discovered that leadership was not as biblically solid as many assumed and there were numerous examples beyond what I describe above. I’m very saddened by what is happening there but I’m not at all surprised. When leadership does not think biblically (and is not structured biblically), it’s only a matter of time before that comes to fruition. I pray that God uses all of this not for finger-pointing and blame shifting, but for house-cleaning and sincere reform toward a purer Christ-honoring church and better equipped, more biblical leadership.

    1. John, thank you for your comment. You claim you left CCSP several years ago, but I’m confused as you are currently listed as a ruling elder on ccsp website.

      1. Randy

        Re-read the post. My name is Randy and I’m mentioning John.

    2. Randy

      And to anyone wondering, I did engage him directly on some issues. Back in 2010 I concluded one of my last emails to him with this:

      “A few other questions you may want to start asking yourself:

      –How comfortable would I be with the church crowd being a fly on the wall in the office? (In other words, when you feel that nobody is looking.)
      –Should I be overseeing other Life Group leaders? Why or why not?
      –Should I be an elder? Why or why not?
      –How did I get to be an elder? Was it on human merits or was it truly on the biblical merits of spiritual maturity and depth?

      This may come as a surprise to you. And I think it’s possible that you are a guy that is not accustomed to being challenged or called out. But I think it’s fair to give you an inkling of where I’m coming from and where this is going. Plus I think it would be good for you to start thinking about some of these things before I blindsided you.”

      How many similar opportunities have CC’s leaders had to reflect and examine themselves before things got so bad?

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Randy, this is such a bad time at Calvary. Maybe they all need pastorserve instead of using one person…….it takes more than one to create a situation. This all should’ve been handled accordingly before letting everything, whatever everything is, get this far out of hand. Why wouldnt one wonder? Calvary congregation trusts Pastor Danny, but it’s very up in the air about the trust of others in leadership. I have always been a believer and a Christian. I don’t need Calvary Chapel or any other specific church to believe or keep my faith, But I do need Pastor Danny to keep teaching that truth, and so does Calvary. I don’t think the leadership gets it. We may never know the truth and that’s going to keep people questioning the leadership, etc.. People will never stop questioning this process that has been taken. It saddens me because I don’t believe Calvary will stand or stay united……..really sad knowing that Danny made Calvary what is was. Right now I stand with Pastor Danny and God will heal,him and hopefully all of the leadership too. I pray that it is God’s Will that Calvary and ALL of the leadership, including Pastor Danny will make the right decisions and that God will heal and make all hearts loving, peaceful, and forgiving with no room for ego or pride.

  3. Truth

    Thanks Randy.
    John Babb is a RULING ELDER ( Former known as THE BOARD)
    HE has been in that position for over 10 years (not right) .
    If he has no integrity to run his business, the question is how is he biblically qualified to serve in that capaciry.
    For the sake of the name of God and His people, this man should step out along with the others, who has been ok with Joe Seddio signing checks to spend without regard of God’s money.
    Their hearts are not compelled to serve even to the point of recently hiring a new maintenance person. Guess, money is not the issue yet.
    There’s no accountability. Just take a look at the amount of staff while single mothers are struggling.

    1. John Babb is listed as one of 4 Directors on Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg INC corporation annual filing report. With VP Joe Esposito, and Treasurer Joe Seddio.

      1. Truth

        Thanks HostMaster.
        And there you have it!!!
        With building/land fully paid, as per Dannys efforts…..Very telling !!!

        1. Randy

          Personally, I won’t speculate on who wronged who or if there is any sort of conspiracy-type of activity going on. My main point is that CC’s leadership is in trouble because they simply aren’t as biblically sound as people thought. Assuming Danny’s confession is true then, yes, grace and forgiveness are due him, but biblically so is church discipline. Some may forget about that second part but it’s absolutely biblical and necessary.

          But from there is where things will be very difficult for CC. First, you have some leaders as I’ve mentioned who simply do not think biblically. It’s going to be very difficult to pursue any sort of restorative path without that needed biblical depth. We may never know exactly what happened, but it is abundantly clear something is wrong and the bulk of it stems from a lack of biblical depth within leadership. Earnestness and sincerity are often mistaken for depth.

          Next, I pray that this is a time for CC to reflect on their leadership structure and pursue a more biblical model. So, for example, what exactly is a “ruling elder”? Where is such a position in scripture? One of the distinctives of the Calvary Chapel movement was Chuck Smith’s “Moses model.” This was distinctive because it was unusual. It was unusual because no churches really had any structure like it. Calvary Chapels were not mandated to follow his model exactly, but nevertheless the “Senior Pastor” model was popular among many churches and was broadly adopted and adapted by CCs. Many Christians in such churches never question this but this was a modern construct that really has no basis in scripture. In the New Testament, churches are ALWAYS led by a plurality of elders. No one person is the top dog with people under him. There is no pyramid-type structure in the NT. That way every leader is accountable to every other leader and nobody has any authority that could be abused. So, what is the justification for having “ruling elders” over…what…”regular” elders? Additionally, if Danny confessed to abusing his authority, it’s authority he actually should not have had in the first place. If CC had been governed by a biblical plurality of elders then things may not have been allowed to fester for so long. In such churches Danny would simply have been the preaching pastor and wouldn’t have had any authority to abuse. And when problems arose, all of the elders would have been in the loop, not just a select few. This was another reason I left CC and settled in a church with a plurality model. I hope CC uses this as an opportunity to rethink their leadership and look to scripture more accurately.

          So as I alluded to earlier, serious reform in terms of more solid leaders and a more biblical structure are the way forward. But with their current group, it may be tough going.

          1. Truth

            Agree! Thanks for your comments, Randy.
            Gon bless you!

          2. Carole A Collotty

            Totally agree with your statement Randy!

    2. Carole A Collotty

      Money will soon become an issue.

  4. Carole A Collotty

    Rebeca, my tithe is still there, but if, when, or wherever Danny is, I will be there with my tithe. I want the rest of my life (77 now) spiritually to be spent with hearing Pastor Danny’s teachings. God Willing it will happen. ❤️

  5. Carole A Collotty

    Rebeca, I’m thinking this over regarding my tithe. Thanks. ❤️

    1. Rebeca Gallegos

      Hi Carole,
      We have been so blessed by the Lord’s ministry to us through the preaching and teaching of Pastor Danny that we are setting our tithes aside. When he is restored to his God-given pulpit, wherever that is, the tithes will follow: they will follow his faithful ministering of God’s word, not the man himself. Pastor Danny is a man of God that our spirits bear witness to as having no other agenda but the Lord’s. The only One who can take Pastor Danny out of the pulpit is the One who put him there in the first place. Everyone is forgetting that. Let’s just keep the faith, pray confidently, stay in the Word of God, and choose to stay strong and positive.

      Love in Christ,

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Hi Rebeca, thanks for your encouragement and what you say is correct. Only God could take Danny out of the pulpit and only God can put him back in……..I believe it will be God’s Will to bring him back better than ever! I totally agree with your perspective. Keep the faith and prayer, and give any worry to God. I have decided to stop my tithe also. When God is finished with His restoration plan for Pastor Danny, my tithe will begin, as I truly believe that God will want him up on that pulpit. Blessings, Carole

  6. Ray

    Randy, you hit the nail in the head. The church leaders want to and are taking the approach you mentioned, sharing the pulpit, sharing the responsibilities. No senior pastor is planned currently. For those of you who want to hear the word preached then you need to continue to show up, they are teaching a deeper meaning of God’s word. Something that Danny never really did. He was good at getting people in the door but not feeding them the steak he always promised to new believers.

    As for what went wrong, Danny’s family still attends CCSP, would you want your kids to hear everything that was going on behind closed doors out in public? Some things just need to be accepted. Do you all forget that Danny said was the real root of his issues? Obviously you have and are not really hearing him. PRIDE has destroyed many…. praying that Danny and Wendy get all the help they need. I know the church has not abandoned them.

    1. Carole A Collotty

      For me Pastor Danny had the deepest meaning in teaching the Word! It’s not Calvary I need, nor any other church…….what I need is Pastor Danny’s way of teachng. For the past ten years I’ve lived in Fl and also went SPECIFICALLY to Calvary to hear and be FED by Pastor Danny’s teachings. I finally found my FOOD! I’m sorry, I respect the other pastors, but I’m not fed by them, nor does the way they teach interest me at all. Calvary has lost Calvary all on its own. Pastor Danny will never be lost! As far as hearing the Word, I don’t need to come to Calvary, I choose at this time to listen to Danny’s past teachings until God tells me different.

    2. Rebeca Gallegos

      We’re sorry you are having such a hard time with the flock recognizing who you all are. You sound a bit emotional in your post. It’s very sad that you thought we would just take this laying down.

      If I choose to respond to your rubbish, it will be after seeking my Lord’s face and HIS will. In the meantime I want to encourage the hundreds of us who support our Pastor Danny: please do not respond to garbage like this without the support of Scripture, point by point.

      Please pray confidently that the Lord’s will be done, that every usurper and hireling will be exposed, and that God will use this situation to promote Danny and Wendy so they can affect even more souls with the gospel that brings us peace with God. Amen.

      Please understand that this is spiritual warfare. It will get even nastier than this, as Satan sees that those of us who are standing firm have determined not to be shaken. God wins and we will stand, because he is able to keep us from falling.

      I noticed that Ray didn’t even think to use Scripture in his condemnation of Danny or of us, he was just writing out of hateful emotion. I’ve been called on the phone and attacked in the same way this past week. Soon they’ll wise up and start attacking us with the Word of God. Get ready for that, and stand firm.

      Our beloved Pastor Danny is teaching us even now! Watch and learn as they stand firm in the midst of this diabolically inspired persecution. We see you, Danny and Wendy. We praise Jesus for your lives, for your sacrifice, and got the unction to do what God wills during this hard time. We are with you, and we will continue to follow you as you follow Christ.

      Because of Danny’s faithful ministry to the Lord God Almighty and the sheep placed under his care, we know how to fight and stand and win. The Word of God is our sword of truth. We stand upon the gospel by which God saved us and keeps us. And we win because we belong to the One who has overcome the world and sits at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for US.

      I love our Pastor Danny, Wendy, their family, and all of you, deeply! God is love.

      Most of all, we love YOU, Jesus! In you all things hold together. That’s a promise. And this flock and our Pastor Danny are definitely in You, so let your will be done!

      “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”
      ‭‭James‬ ‭1:2-4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    3. Can't Identify Myself for Good Reasons

      Ray, the kids have all read the Pastor Serve report…nothing to hide from them.

  7. Rebeca Gallegos

    Shame on you.

    1. Rebeca Gallegos

      Shame on you, Ray. Not one of the leaders at Calvary Chapel is half the man Danny is, morally or spiritually. It’s very, very sad really. But God is a God of grace and forgiveness, and if you repent he is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.❤️

      IDEA!: Why don’t the lot of you who are so against the way Danny has done things all these years go, get your own place, and preach and teach the “deeper things” of the Bible? Yes! Then you don’t have to hear it from people who are calling you all liars and thieves. You can build a work all your own!!

  8. Mark

    All this divisiveness, so sad!!
    The dye is set.
    The wound is open.
    Now is the time to pray for healing.
    Healing for both Pastor Danny and also for CCSP staff and employees as they bare affected also.
    Please be respectful for all!!!!!!!

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