CCSP LiveStream Screen Capture 1st Service 06.11.17

This morning at 9:00 i tuned into Calvary Chapel St. Pete’s LiveStream to watch the mornings service. Looking to the right of the screen it said Pastor Danny Hodges would deliver today’s message.

CCSP LiveStream Screen Capture 1st Service 06.11.17
Calvary Chapel St. Pete LiveStream 1st service showing Danny Hodges as speaker 06/11/17

I was really excited thinking my Shepard was back home where he belonged. No such luck. After the band finished playing Dave Dodge stepped up to the pulpit to deliver GOD’s word.

Checking again at the 11:00 service the speakers name was changed to Dave Dodge.

Calvary Chapel St. Pete 2nd Service LiveStream 06.11.17
Calvary Chapel St. Pete LiveStream 2nd service showing Dave Dodge as speaker 06/11/17

This post is simply an observation we thought worthy of blogging.  Was this a simple typo? Or trickery and deceit intended to boost attendance or livestream viewing?

Also this comment was entered by an anonymous source yesterday. It gives a better explanation of what happened to Pastor Danny.

First there was tension between Danny and some of the pastors at Calvary Chapel for a variety of reasons for sometime. Some of the differences are theological, Calvinism and the Calvary Chapel “Moses” model are just a couple of the theological differences. Some are over leadership style, many of the pastor’s did not feel like they could “talk things over” with Danny because he was unapproachable, and some are over management decisions he made like firing someone in maintenance and putting his son on staff with full benefits when there were others waiting for full time status. How do I know these things? The unhappy pastors have voiced this publicly to many, many people for a long time, and that is the truth.

Pandora’s box was opened when Danny presented to the Ruling Board the five year plan he thought the Lord had given him. That plan was to groom his youngest son to take over as Pastor in five years. The Board had problems with the plan, but Danny continued to pursue the idea.

When the unhappy pastors got wind of this, it brought all the prior issues to a giant head. The idea of Jairus as Pastor of Calvary Chapel probably had almost nothing to do with what followed, but instead was a reason to air those problems that already existed. Whether the pastors went to Bob Cory or whether he got wind of it from the pastors or Board, Bob wrote a letter to the Board, which was in essence a character assassination of Danny Hodges. (Those who have been involved at Calvary know there was no love loss between Bob and Danny.) After reading the letter, the Ruling Board decided to interview the other pastors and staff. Things were now set in motion with the majority of the pastoral staff (Excluding Art, Luis, and Frank) opposing Danny continuing as pastor with the Calvary Chapel “Moses” model. They believed Danny had too much power. There was stubbornness on both sides with neither willing to give in. At some point the pastors also wrote a letter to the Board with Art, Frank, and Luis not signing. The Board did not know what to do. Both sides, Danny and the Pastors, were unbending so the Board decided to go to an outside organization to mitigate. I believe Art Dykstra and Dave Dodge were tasked with finding an organization. Art did not believe this was biblical and so I am not sure how involved he was or who suggested PastorServe to them.

PastorServe came in and conducted interviews in what seems like a whirlwind fashion. In the report there was some truth, some lies, and some incidents from many, many years ago. (There was absolutely nothing immoral in the findings!) I am wondering why PastorServe did not verify everything in the report, but they did not and it seems like including false witness makes them liable on some level. Danny had a few options. A vote of confidence from all the elders, a retirement package, or the PastorServe option. As we all know he first chose the retirement option, but reconsidered and decided to confess his previous drinking issue, his anger (which we already knew about) and his pride, and submit himself to the Board and PastorServe knowing this would allow him a path back to Calvary.

If this comment is true – we suggest CCSP come clean with their members before everyone abandons ship. The way this rift is headed that old Walmart could become an empty building again.