Calvary Chapel PastorServe $100,000 as Ministries Suffer

It is rumored on social media that Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg paid over $100,000 to PastorServe for their services related to Pastor Danny Hodges ouster.

The buzz goes on to say, needy previously funded ministries and charities are being denied. Ministries are being told there’s no money in the missions account. Ministry funding was never an issue at CCSP under Pastor Danny Hodges leadership. 😉

Anonymous comment obtained from social media:

There’s a darkness that’s falling over the church. Watching and listening to the pastors speak knowing what they have done brings pain to my heart. Continuing to go there, is like telling them that their actions are okay. When they are not.

Under Pastor Danny’s leadership Calvary Chapel use to support Ministries and do good things. And from his messages he wanted to do even more. That’s why he was so excited that one of the mortgages was paid off.

Two instances that have happened since Danny is no longer there. Saul from the Pregnancy Center speaks every year to raise money to save unborn babies. This year he was not allowed to speak. A woman who has a Ministry to build Wells for clean water was told she would have a small pledge from the church. Since all this has been going on with Pastor Danny she was told there was no money in the missions account to give to her.

They have spent over $100,000 for PastorServe, they have spent money taking out a Google ad about Danny, and yet they cannot help a charity? As much as I love the church body, that church right now is just a building. Danny himself has always said that.

This is speculation, as the comment was not verified to be true. BUT we do not doubt it for a second! 😡