Letter From Pastor Danny and Wendy Hodges To Calvary Chapel St. Pete Pastors And Staff

Danny and Wendy Hodges have resigned from Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. They sent this letter, June 20th, 2017 to every Pastor, Elder and Staff member stating their discontinuance of the PastorServe mediation. In this letter they shared their reasoning behind the decision.

To the Board, Staff & Elders of CCSP:

Pastor Danny Hodges In Israel
Photo of our beloved Senior Pastor Danny Hodges in Israel 2017. God is planning your comeback.

On Friday afternoon, June 16, PastorServe communicated to me the Board’s direction to give them an “all in or all out” decision concerning our participation in the PastorServe plan no later than noon (EST) Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

With shoulder surgery scheduled for Monday morning, June 19, we realized it was imperative that we reach a decision and put it in writing prior to that time.

Due to different work schedules, it wasn’t until this evening that we were able to sit down with all our children (and FaceTime Tanner) to discuss our decision and review with them this letter.

With their full knowledge, consent, and support, we submit to you the following.

This is a very difficult letter to write, but after much fervent prayer in seeking God’s will, my wife and I agree that we can no longer continue with the PastorServe plan. Furthermore, Wendy and I believe the time has come that we must leave the fellowship of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg.

The following is a summary of our reasons behind this heartwrenching decision:

· The deep divide that exists between myself and some of my former fellow pastors. I was not aware there existed a divide, but six months ago it became painfully clear. Some of the division, I am told, was caused during the years I experienced what for lack of a better term is ministry “burnout.” Pastor Chuck Smith would often say he did not understand burnout, so no CC pastor I know would ever even come close to admitting such a thing, including me. But it happened to me. I am deeply sorry for any hurt I caused my fellow pastors during that time, and ask that you forgive me. My wife can verify that gradually over time the constant pressures from decades of ministry had a progressive negative impact on me emotionally, mentally and physically. Yet with her help, we took decisive steps that enabled me to recover. January 2016 marked the start of significant positive change for me and my entire family. The Lord not only restored my health and family relationships, He also renewed my passion, zeal, and vision for ministry.

· The charge of disqualification. Despite my season of burnout, I have done nothing worthy of disqualification from pastoral ministry. I have attached a letter from Pastor Don McClure sent to some CCSP leaders this past March, and I pray it adds a bit of integrity to this statement. I left Don’s email in its raw form in order for you to know that it has not been altered in any way. My initial reason for stepping down as senior pastor was because fellow pastors said reconciliation was not possible for them as long as I was the senior pastor. But after stepping down, no one was willing to sit and talk on a personal level.

· Multiple accusations against me that are inaccurate, exaggerated, or completely false. I have tried to own my failures and the mistakes I have made, but some of the things being presented as fact are shocking to my entire family. These have been stated as truth, even though they have never been verified, nor have my wife and I had an opportunity to respond to the charges. Yet judgments have been rendered without charges being thoroughly investigated and the truth determined (Deut. 19:15-20).

· The Calvary board’s unwillingness to allow or even consult with the Calvary Chapel Association (CCA) in dealing with these matters. From the beginning, I have repeatedly recommended that the CCA be brought in to deal with these issues. Key council members on the CCA including Don McClure, Joe Focht, Sandy Adams, and Malcolm Wild have repeatedly offered to help, even fly here at their own expense. But the board chose not to consult with any of them. This is highly disturbing since the CCA is the one entity to whom we as a local church should be accountable. These are men of tremendous spiritual integrity and decades of pastoral ministry experience. They also love this flock. When Don McClure was in town a few months ago, Art Dykstra urged the board to at least sit down and talk with him, but to no avail.

· Outsourcing the attempt to settle these issues to a ministry that does not reflect the values and beliefs of a Calvary Chapel church, not to mention the financial cost of doing so (potentially over $100,000). The leadership of the CCA has offered to assist at no cost whatsoever to the church.

· The unbiblical manner in which this situation has been handled. Passages like I Tim. 5:19, Matt. 5:23-25, 18:15-17, Heb. 12:15, Deut. 19:15-20, Prov. 18:17, and Gal. 6:1-2 have been either ignored or side-stepped until a future “right time” (i.e. according to the PastorServe plan). In Matt. 5 & 18 Jesus stresses urgency in settling conflict quickly, something the PastorServe plan has yet to address. It has already been six months, and the longer we wait the worse things get. In our view, church by-laws and PastorServe methods have taken precedence over biblical truth and directives. In the meantime, the enemy is having a heyday with the sheep of this congregation.

· The lack of desire or intention among a majority of the pastoral staff, and at least certain board members, to see me restored as senior pastor. It is clear to me that even if I was restored to the staff of CCSP, it will not be in the position that God has called me to. Some who attended the May 15 leaders’ meeting reported that when pastors and two Board members were asked to show by raised hand who wanted to see me return as senior pastor, none responded. No response was a revealing response.

· A shift away from Calvary Chapel distinctives. I have serious concerns about the direction/position of some key Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders away from the core values and doctrinal positions that define a Calvary Chapel church. Also, it is my suspicion that even now, with the guidance of PastorServe, current church by-laws are being altered, and it is possible that when completed, the new by-laws will resemble those of a particular denomination, and Calvary distinctives will be done away with.

· The false impression being presented by the leadership that I need rest, healing, etc. For the past year and a half, I have never felt healthier, been closer to the Lord, nor had more vision and passion for ministry. Yes, a few years ago I hit a wall, I lost my passion and vision. But I have had the most significant revival of my entire life and believe my best days of pastoral ministry lie ahead.

We agonize to have to send this letter, but the time has come. As the spiritual father of this church, I have a responsibility before God to take a stand. I initially agreed to submit to the PastorServe plan, believing this would perhaps be a path back to the responsibilities the Lord called me to for this local church 34 years ago. But it has now become evident that PastorServe is not that path at all.

Wendy and I are stepping away from CCSP completely, and we feel the Lord is directing us to make a fresh start. We have counted the cost, accepted the sacrifice, and look forward to a new venture in faith.

I still desire forgiveness and reconciliation between me and any other Calvary pastors or leaders, and I am willing to sit down and talk anytime in a personal setting according to Matthew 18:15.


Pastor Danny & Wendy Hodges

LETTER FROM DON MCCLURE ON MARCH 13. Amazingly the board and pastors had an offer from Godly men to help us, and they turned it down.

Dear Dave, Danny, Art, Joe and the Board of Calvary Chapel of St Petersburg

I have struggled for weeks whether to get involved with the matters at St. Pete and having struggled and prayed, I have decided I need to at the very least send you my observations. I want to say that I have not been asked by anyone to get involved at all from either side of this. But, because of my care for you all and the church I have felt compelled of the Lord to share my heart in the burden you all are carrying as well.

As you probably know, I have been with Calvary Chapel since 1971 when there was just one church. Today, we have approximately 1600 ministries around the world. You also know that I have worked extensively with the churches since the beginning. For years I oversaw CCOF (Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships) and when the ministry was restructured a number of years ago by Chuck Smith and renamed CCA (Calvary Chapel Association) and Chuck Smith set up a Leadership Council of men that had been with him many years, I was asked to be the Administrator of the Council. And for over 45 years I have sat in on many church leadership struggles. Many times there was a wonderful work of restoration within the leadership and, unfortunately, at times when the Scripture called for it, I was asked to sit in judgment with the leaders and see a man removed from ministry. My heart is still sad over those times and the suffering it brought upon a fellowship that sometimes resulted in major splits. Thus, I do not take these times lightly at all. They weigh heavily upon me.

In looking over the situation at CCSP there are a number of issues that concern me greatly. And here they are;

Bob Cory

In my travels to the churches (I travel over 10,000 a month. Over 2 million miles with American and 1.5 million with Delta). These travels have me spending great amounts of time with pastors and their assistants. I find out a lot just spending time with assistants as often I am there speaking while the senior pastors is on a journey. Virtually all of the assistants I spend time with are men that hold their pastor in high regard and are very supportive. I observed just the opposite with Bob Cory. He always seemed to hold himself as Danny’s equal and often his critic. Years ago I spoke to Danny about this and was very concerned that he had an assistant who so openly criticized and undermined Danny. I felt that Danny should deal with it, but, to my observation, nothing changed.

I am not sure how much Bob Cory is still connected and involved in the current matters, but, I feel that a spirit in which he operated is very much in play on the current matters.

Dave Dodge

A number of weeks ago, I sat with Dave Dodge at the hotel that I was staying at while working with Danny on a senior pastors conference. I sat and listened to Dave for 45-60 minutes with few interruptions (except for clarity) as he listed complaint after complaint concerning Danny. He was as prepared as a good prosecutor with his case. It was well laid out and was obviously the result of a number of conversations that he had experienced with others.

As I listened to accusation after accusation I was carefully listening for Biblical accusations and any matter for which a pastor Scripturally has removed himself from ministry. And I found none at all. Absolutely none. When I asked Dave as an assistant about his role with Danny through all this time, Dave said that he had “failed Danny as an accountability partner” and it was clear that Dave seemed to see his role as an observer and felt no deep responsibility to Danny to take matters to him as an assistant, let alone a friend. I was amazed that he felt little sorrow for his failure in a sin of “omission” to a pastor and brother, while feeling strongly about Danny failures.

When I offered to get involved and hold Danny accountable, Dave had no response at all; absolutely none at all. May I say that through the years there have been times when pastors have had struggles and their leadership has contacted us asking for our help with their pastors and all though this experience no request has been made. After offering my help I was told that the leaders were not interested in it because “I was Danny’s friend and thus not a balanced observer.” To that I say, that such a thought is absolutely true. I am a dear friend of Danny for many years, and of the leaders at CCSP and the church and the body of Christ and would do everything in my power to see the Lord heal this for His glory. What else should the leadership want? There are a number of other godly pastors who are strong leaders with leadership gifts and capacities to help and there is no interest. It appears that Cory, and a few others want to sit in judgment on one side and are determined that Danny have no advocates with him. May I say that none of us are men that live outside the Scripture or reject or neglect its truth for the sake of a friend. And it is unfair to have such a thought of us. I have been working with these very matters with churches for forty years.

Matthew 18

Matthew 18:15 “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.

16 But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’

17 And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector.

This a another huge glaring matter. There should be no confusion over this matter. I listening to Dave and Art and Danny, it is clear that this simple, powerful and critical truth has been neglected and rejected and it has taken a terrible toll on the leaders. They all should know better. How many homes, marriages, families and churches have been ruined because we fail to go to someone and speak the truth (as we believe it) in love. This should not be understated by any leader involved in this.

As a personal note, a number of years ago a dear friend and fellow pastor of a large Calvary Chapel (Steve Mays) had a complaint about Chuck Smith that he shared with another pastor (L. E. Romaine). Romaine immediately walked Steve into Chuck’s office, sat the two of them down and said “Chuck, Steve has a problem with you” and Romaine walked out and left the two alone. And the result was a great “life lesson” that we all need to know.

Hebrews 12

Hebrews 12:14 Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:

15 looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;

When Matthew 18 is not followed by the leaders, and peace is not biblically pursued and holiness before the Lord is ignored, a “root of bitterness” starts under the daily behavior and one day it “springs up, causing great trouble and many become defiled” with matters that godly men should have simply solved between themselves as they held up each others hands.

I want to make it clear as well that I sense that Dave laid out all of the accusations and I believe that Danny has a great responsibility to deal with the matters. We have spoken extensively about this. When I look at the foundation of our identity in Christ, our role in ministry as leaders of His church and the behavior that we are to all exhibit, I see no reason that this cannot be healed and the entire church rejoice over it. To that end I offer my help to spend whatever time with the leaders that all may restored. That is what the gospel is all about. That is what “the body and the blood of Jesus” is all about. That is Calvary…

I cannot help but see that the enemy has come and been able to sow seeds of ill will, bitterness, confusion and exhaustion when I look at some of the staff. When I passed through the office and said “hello” to Joe Seddio, Joe’s eyes were downcast and hit me a tired. I am sure many are. Please remember that you are not fighting flesh and blood. If you fight that way, we all lose.

I am aware that Danny has sent confusing signals to the staff as to his desire for his son in the ministry and that has added to the problem and insecurity with some of the pastors. I have not looked at your by-laws and constitution, but, most Calvary Chapel’s leave the role of the senior pastor in the hands of the Board of Elders.

I am sure that in times past, you all remember being drawn together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and there are great memories. It seems the enemy has stolen that memory and replaced it with a hopelessness of real reconciliation. May I remind you all that you are preachers and teachers of the gospel. I am praying that the Holy Spirit touches and refreshes and restores.

Eph 6:10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness,

15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

16 above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God;

18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints—

May I also offer my help if the men that you have called in to counsel the leadership on this would like my input as Calvary Chapel Association.

I am praying for you all

Your friend and brother

Don McClure

An upcoming prayer meeting for pastor Danny is scheduled for 06/23/17 @ Lake Seminole Park at 7:00 PM. Further info and map is Here in this blog post. Everyone is requested to attend 😉

CCSP has announced a special meeting this Sunday 06/25 @ 12:30 PM to discuss the Hodges official resignation letter. This was 1st mentioned 03/21 during the evening service, and on their Facebook page. It has not been announced on the church’s official website. Further info is here.

62 Thoughts to “Letter From Pastor Danny and Wendy Hodges To Calvary Chapel St. Pete Pastors And Staff”

  1. Bill Gingras

    May God bless you Pastor Danny. These things will still work together for good. I love you and look forward to seeing you again and hearing you again.

  2. Jay Mann

    Well that just about says it all. I went on father’s day and that church is just a shell of what it used to be. Will not be going back.

  3. Carole A Collotty

    To see and hear you soon!

  4. wanda adams

    God has promised in our Lives we have to believe God will lift His Shield and things will be ok We as Christians have to Keep our Faith in Him and Pray I am 80 years old and when I moved over here in 2005 I visited many churches before finding one that had the Deep Spirit of the Lords Hands and Touches in it . the First time I walked in at Calvary Chapel I knew I was Home .But in the past few weeks I don’t have that feeling and its not what is being said its just what’s there I do Hope and Pray that things will work out But we do have to keep our Faith and Believe There is a Plan working
    But we have to give God Time God Bless everyone

  5. Cheryl Trace

    Dear Pastor Danny & Wendy,
    I thank you for your honesty.
    Mere human words can not express the sadness in knowing I will not hear either of you teach the truth of God’s Word possibly for awhile longer.

    God has a plan for you both and I look forward to seeing God’s plan come to fruition and bring glory to God! I pray for you and your family daily.

    Please keep us informed of your future direction ~ for the love of Christ Jesus remains in us as followers and believers of God.

    Looking forward to that day to sit under your teaching again.
    With Christ Love,
    Cheryl Trace
    Audrey Trace
    “However, as it is written:
    “What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
    and what no human mind has conceived” —
    the things God has prepared
    for those who love him—”
    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  6. Jay Mann

    Saddest thing is they waited for him to get the building paid off which was one of his top priorities and then they stab him in the back.

    1. Yep.. Their greed has condemned ccsp to it’s death spiral. Pastor Danny will rise again and we will follow him wherever he goes.

  7. Al & Annel Solis

    We are praying for you and your family. Pastor Danny, we can not thank you enough for your teaching all these years and your leadership to our church family. You and your wife have a precious gift that you shared with us. Thank you. We will continue to pray for God’s will for you both. We can’t wait to see what GOD had it store for you. Hope to see and hear your teachings again soon. Thank you for the truth.

  8. Tony

    Satan desires to sink his claws into Godly men and woman more than anyone. Church….. it is not for us to come to conclusions and place judgement. We are to love and support our brothers and sisters. I pray that the families affected will find peace and refocus on our true mission at hand!!!!

  9. Roger Slater

    I am so saddened to hear this. Pastor Danny and Wendy, I have been praying for you and have had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach since this all started which I now know is the Holy Spirit prodding me. I pray that the Lord will lead you both into service where he will be glorified.

  10. So thankful that the opportunity to openly address the issue, before the entire body, has not only been presented but acted upon. Saddened to see the loss for you, the family, and CCSP. Trusting that whatever has been intended for evil, God will indeed use for His glory! “No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    From Your 2X Little Brother

  11. Denny and Jan

    Our hearts are deeply saddened by all this…. We pray for you and Wendy daily….. And with all our heart and love…. We believe in His work in your lives!! You have blessed our family and our lives….. We are forever grateful to Him for you both…. Always here for you…. Always family… Serving Him with you… Den and Jan

  12. Debbie Fontaine

    Danny and Wendy, I so enyljoyed getting to know you and your family when we were in Israel. You included me in as one of your own and I so appreciated your kindness. I’ve only been at CCSP for 8 months or so. I am deeply saddened by this turn of events. I had already decided to attend a different church if you did not return as senior pastor. I thoroughly enjoyed your sermons You teach on a personal level. One can relate to you on a real life basis. I pray that you will pastor again in the near future, for that place shall become my new church. I support you 100% and I will be praying for you and your family for blessings restored. Much love,
    Debbie Fontaine.

  13. Carole A Collotty

    Yes, let’s do it again!

  14. Mary Ellen Rotolo

    Dear Pastor Danny and Wendy I am so heartbroken and saddened by this whole thing. I knew from your original announcement on Easter that something dreadfully wrong was occurring, then hearing your video I felt better yet uncertain. The follow-up information given didn’t sit well with me and I knew deep down something still wasn’t right. When I accidently found this blog and read the information I became more confused and frustrated. Now these letters and I see that what I thought from the beginning is absolutely correct. Sadly, I have been through this multiple times before coming to Calvary which is why I struggled so long in calling Calvary home. I was afraid to commit to another church. I am frustrated with all that has occurred and am at a loss for direction. I am with you and praying for you and the family Pastor Danny but I cannot leave my ministries (especially cancer care). It is not a slight to you or siding with anyone just a difficult predicament that I must work through. All I can do is pray and continue as I am until the Lord should tell me otherwise. In the meantime I miss you, your teaching and Wendy’s WIW. I pray you will be blessed in all your endeavors. Hope your shoulder is healing well. I will be facing the same (on my right/already went through it on the left some years ago) sometime in the near future. Please let us know what you are doing and where. Love in Christ. MER

  15. Cynthia Yejerla

    Stanley and I are deeply grieved to see how warped these turn of events have become. We care deeply about both Wendy and your ministry. When and after my mother went home to be with the Lord 3 years ago i sensed a big shift beginning to take place. I knew it might be seriously bad but this is a nightmare. Like you told us the last time you preached, “while all your eyes are on Jesus”….resonated in my Spirit and so i want to let you know that i have fasted and prayed on both of your behalf these last 3 years. We will continue to stand behind you in this way. Know that the Lord still has His hand on you. You are not alone! We care deeply for you. We stand with you.

  16. Jewels Warren

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Our family has been sitting under your teaching for 12 years and I want to thank you for your obedience. We have experienced a lot of what you are going through at Calvary but couldn’t tell you because all the e mails and phone calls went through another person. I am thankful now that the false accusations happened because it brought us closer to Jesus. What Satan meant for evil God turned it into good. The important part is what did you learn? None of us like confrontation but it is necessary when you have people that are talking critically about us to deal with that person in a Biblical way. David experienced this with Absalom. Perhaps more fellowship with the leaders outside of church would foster more unity. Having intercessory prayer for each other on a regular basis with the fellow Pastors. Some Pastors should’ve been confronted and removed if needed to keep the unity and harmony. Remember to keep love as your highest goal and be thankful in every situation.
    Love covers a multitude of sins. I feel like God is allowing this to produce more fruit in your life and ministry. I pray for reconciliation, repentance, and healing at CCSP. I pray for direction, comfort, and wisdom for you and Wendy. we miss you and love you.

  17. Harvey Warwick

    Danny and Wendy,
    Although it’s been many years since I’ve been a part of the Calvary Chapel fellowship I have many fond memories of your ministry there. I personally benefited and grew spiritually from your Biblical teaching, and am shocked to hear that the people who should be supporting you have turned against you. Sadly this kind of thing is more common than it ought to be, as I have learned myself over the years; yet in a way it is a mark of your effectiveness in ministry that the enemy seeks to rise up against you. Many of the great heroes of the faith in the Bible experienced persecution for doing what is right. Elijah fled to the wilderness after demonstrating God’s power against the prophets of Baal, and told God he was no better than his fathers. Yet God continued to use him, as I am sure that God will continue to use you for His glory. I pray for God’s continued guidance and blessing for you and your family, and want you to know there are still people who love and respect you.

  18. Mike & Heather Redden

    Blessings on you and your family Danny. Heather and I have nothing but fond memories of your sound, biblical teaching and always came away fed when visiting from Atlanta. We attended when you were in the warehouse back in the early 80’s, what great memories! The Lord has new memories for you to make. Go in the name of Jesus and pursue them with a zealous heart. We love you…

  19. Mark Consigny

    I’m not one who would normally post on a site like this because nothing good comes of it in most cases. As a father, husband and a youth ministry leader at CCSP I feel obligated to share my thoughts on some of the things I have read. I like the rest of you care about Danny and he knows that. Our family loves the Hodges and our kids are extremely close to theirs. I’m not going to comment on the letter from Danny or the email from Don because the letter and email were not addressed to me nor were they addressed to the people who are posting on this site. I’m not going comment on the actions that have taken place by the board, elders and pastoral staff either because I’m not on the board and I’m not a staff member or elder at CCSP. I’m not going to comment on remarks from Don about Bob Corry either because he’s retired from CCSP and deserves our respect and appreciation for his many years of service. I will comment however on the fact that along with loving Danny I also love Dave Dodge, Ryan Marr, Joe Seddio, Tom Teel, Josh Harris, Jonny Harris, Frank Dehn, Niles Parker, Luis Hernandez, Jim O’Conner and the rest of the CCSP staff and elders a great deal. I trust God and my prayer is that some of you would not let your emotions take over and trust that God is in all of this. We as followers of Christ really need to be careful about what we are saying and thinking towards others. As for me and my family we will continue to love Danny and his family and we will also continue to love and support our church (CCSP) and its pastoral staff.

    1. Mark, thanks for your comment.

      It appears to me those who are managing CCSP now are not qualified to do so. Who’s idea was it to put that load of crap on the church announcement board? Was that part of what the current management received from PastorServe for their $100,000?

      Current management tried to BS there way through a poorly thought out hostile church takeover. They stripped the Hodges from their corporate positions. Then made changes to their church announcement to reflect Pastor Danny would not be returning to his pulpit.

      I’m not the only one that thinks this situation stinks. Let the whole world know what CCSP did to Pastor Danny Hodges and his wife.

      1. An old time CCSP'er

        Danny and Wendy
        I attended Calvary Chapel in the Sons of Italy days and then moved away. You were God’s choice to lead that little flock then and you are God’s choice to lead now. That calling has not changed. “The gifts and calling of God are not revokeable.” And no matter what some may say, you were God’s anointed and the staff should have been there to support you and the vision God turned into CCSP. Instead there was a corporate takeover that can’t be blessed by God. What makes it worse is that in your efforts to seek biblical resolution you ended up getting more screwed. Just remember, it is never wrong to do right. You have made mistakes but it seems you humbly willing to correct them biblically. Not so for some others.
        I prayerfully ask you to follow through on your calling to protect and lead your flock. God entrusted you 34 years ago with Calvary Chapel. He still believes in you. Do it again. Start another ministry NOW not later. Lead your flock brother.

        1. Rebeca Gallegos

          Amen! We are ready, and waiting to be the hands and feet in your new ministry.

    2. John Sinclair

      Mark. You just said a lot of nothing. Don’t be so wimpy. With all due respect man up and give us some concrete opinions. Not some wishy washy gobldy gook. Love ya brother. Don’t take it personally.

  20. Cj messina

    I was in Isreal a few weeks ago and told Pastor Danny that 1 Sam chapters 16&18 taught “not to mess with God’s anointed “& i also conveyed this to the so called “pastors”from the pastor serve entity. I confronted pastor serve told them they are a ungodly “capitalist venture enterprise” who operate under a secular “capitalism” model. Very sad to see the coupe leaders who have pulled a “judas” move against Pastor Danny use evil men like “pastor serve” to attack God’s anointed. May the Lord have mercy on all of these nefarious individuals who have attacked the Lord’s anointed!

  21. Scott Hopkins

    We moved to Tallahassee 6 years ago, but we attended CCSP for many years before we moved and have so much respect and admiration for Danny and Wendy. We still quote Danny more than any other Christian leader. They clearly made the right decision to just sever all ties because when you wrestle with pigs you only get muddy and the pigs will love it. If I ever witnessed two people ordained by God, it is Danny and Wendy. I do not see this as a defeat, but a renewal, only next time (and there will be a next time) do a better job of identifying and getting rid of the snakes before they have a chance to bite you. We love you guys and will be praying for you.

  22. John Sinclair

    Here’s a few more questions in direct response to Danny’s letter. I’ve titled it “Pastor Danny’s 9 reasons for leaving Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg”. I’m not taking sides. Just asking questions.

    1. The deep divide. Danny was not aware until six months ago then it became “painfully clear”. Q. What specific event, confrontation or circumstance caused the “deep divide” to be made “painfully clear”. Why was Danny not aware of it until six mo. ago?

    2. Denying charge of disqualification. Initial reason for stepping down was because fellow pastors said reconciliation was not possible.
    Q. By “stepping down” do you mean when you initially said you were retiring from stage two wks before Easter? Also why was it changed from retire to resign later on?

    3. Accusations are inaccurate. No opportunity to respond.
    Q. You put out a video and read a statement. Wasn’t that the time to respond?

    4. Board’s unwillingness go to CCA.
    Q. Is the CCA the governing body over CCSP? Is it in the by-laws?

    5. Outsourcing to an org. That does not reflect the values of CC.
    Q. Then why did you agree to participate in the program? Were you aware of what it would cost?

    6. Unbiblical manner in which it was handled. Danny stated that church by-laws and Pastorserve have taken precedence over biblical truth and directives.
    Q. Why do you have by-laws that are “unbiblical”?

    7. Lack of desire among a majority of the pastoral staff and certain board members to see Danny restored as senior pastor.
    Q. Who attended the May 15 leaders meeting? Why weren’t you there? Who reported the non-response when they were asked by a show of hands to restore you to senior pastor?

    8. A shift away from CC distictives. Concern that current church by-laws are being altered and may resemble those of a “particular denomination”. CC distinctives will be done away with.
    Q. What “particular denomination” are you talking about?
    9. False impression by leadership that he needs rest.
    Q. So was this a lie by the leadership?

  23. Stu Pippin

    This is a copy of e-mail I sent to Pastor Frank Dehn regarding Pastor Danny and CCSP leadership as a concerned member of CCSP

    Frank, thanks for the phone call reply to me on 6/19/2017 and sharing information concerning Pastor Danny and CCSP leadership.

    I must say after reading Pastor Danny’s letter to the CCSP board (6/20/2017) I have some very serious concerns with the decisions made by pastors and staff from CCSP. As I mentioned to you on our last ph. conversation that I went through a church split while serving as a deacon of the church, in that particular instance I decided to stand by my pastor as a armor bearer and I witnessed the spread of yeast (Gal. 5-9, 1 Corth. 5-6) in leadership of that church, needless to say it is a memory you will never forget and because of that I have been quietly praying and gleaning as much information in this matter as I could get. This has been very difficult as there has been so little provided by the leadership to the body as to why and how they came to make the decision to remove Pastor Danny from his position and duties as lead pastor of CCSP.

    We know how serious this gets when a leader of a church is involved (James 3-1) and leads me to question as a member of this body has CCSP leadership listed the accusations made against Pastor Danny and have they been made public?

    2 Sam 12:12 through the prophet the Lord says: you did this in secret (Davids sin with Bathsheba) but I will do this in broad daylight before all Israel. If there is sin in leadership it must be brought forth in public, so there can be accountability, conviction and hopefully restoration.

    I am surprised, upset and remorse to see how unbiblical the CCSP leadership has handled this Major Issue where so many of the members are involved not to mention the head pastor and his family who have spent 34 yrs. under the leadership of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ building up and teaching/serving this body.

    I am not going into detail of pastors Dannys letter and the e-mail sent from pastor Dan McClure CCA, which has been made public other than to say it leaves so many unanswered questions and CCSP leadership unwillingness to allow or consult with CCA in this matter. I plead ignorance when it comes to pastor serve and who, what and how they represent and deal with a church or leadership, but this hiring of a outside source makes me personally a bit in comfortable.

    Thank you Pastor Frank for helping me with this issue and serving CCSP and leading up a wonderful ministry Men of Arms which I was thankful to serve and get to know you and witness your love and compassion to serve this church and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With Gods Love Stu

  24. Ray Hardman

    Can’t wait to see where God is leading you to serve. As a pastor I know once said upon leaving one ministry “ministry is not meant to be a campground, but should be a training ground for one’s next mission”. Get some rest and restore your strength because you will need it.
    I’ve lived in this community for over 35 years and have witnessed many lives changed by the love of your ministry. May God bless your family AND Calvary Chapel during this time of transition.

  25. Valerie mccarthy

    I would love for you and family come to Calvary church.. let god lead you and the people that speaking negative of you. Gods will be done . Miss you all

    1. ccsp may have a name change coming soon. Pastor Danny is setting up a new ministry soon. Everyone is welcome to join us ccsp defectors.

  26. Al Clark

    Gosh, what is going on at CCSP indicates to me that we are in fact heading into the End Times with all associated lying and deception. Changes are also happening in Cosa Mesa. Are “changes” tied in any manner to the changes and upheaval in California? Tell ya what, I’m not waiting around for this to be “sorted out “. Nothing was handled properly, that’s the way Satan works; in darkness not in the light. That’s why there are so many unanswered questions; no light. I’m leaving because all this smells way too bad to me. Personally, I’m glad that Pastor Danny has decided not to be hog-tied by his former associates. As this church path splits I feel the Lord’s leading me along the righteous path with Danny Hodges and not the questionable path that CCSP is on.

    If I ever had a criticism of Pastor Danny it was/is that he didn’t speak/teach about end time issues. Exactly what he got caught up in.
    Danny, we are there! Please consider teaching on this extremely important topic !!!

    1. John Sinclair

      I’ve been around Danny since 1997 and I’ve heard him teach on the end times quite often. What you may be referring to is what is commonly called “newspaper eschacatology”. Like Jack Van Impe on TV. Current events do not necessarily correlate with the bible.

      1. Regardless of the classification of Danny’s Bible teaching, we like it. That’s all that really matters to us.

  27. Sam

    It is a testament to a man’s character when an issue like this comes up and 99% of those commenting are locking arms with pastor Danny.
    God bless you sir and may He grow His Kingdom through you.

  28. Pat

    I agree with all of the comments. I have been a member of Calvary for 17 years & I will follow Danny
    & Wendy anywhere they go. Start a new church let
    me know where & when I will be there.
    God Bless

  29. John

    I heard that Danny told the board that he was planning on having his son take over as pastor when he retires. Is this true? Did Danny really say this? I don’t want to hear what people think. I would just like to know if these words or something like them actually came out of Danny’s mouth and if he still feels that way.

    1. c lee

      i heard it said too, by Dave Dodge at the “explaination” meeting Sunday. My thought is Danny is Very Proud Of his son, and rightly so. I would like my son to follow me too!!. But, im quite SURE it wasnt a ultamatum from Danny… sounds more like a “red herring” to detract from the fact that the SO CALLED “RULING ELDERS” (sounds Masonic & creepy just to type those words..) they removed themselves from the GOD ORDAINED COVERING (CA association) agreed to by the church.

    2. Linda

      Danny did run the idea of Jarius taking over as head pastor with the Board. This was of course many years away. This is just one of the issues at which some of the pastors took offense.

      1. Cj messina

        Moses was told by the Lord that Joshua was to succeed him so why can’t folks read and learn from God’s written word how the Lord operates?

  30. Carol

    I have been a member for over 6 years & I certainly will follow Danny & Wendy wherever they start a new church. God Bless & let me know where & when.

  31. Cj messina

    I happen to agree with the comments from the last post that the existing board is using “red herring” excuses as these men need to study 2Samuel and learn what God teaches about the differenced between being God’s ANOINTED VS APPOINTED!

    1. Susie

      Calvary Chapel will never be the same without Pastor Danny and his family. I have decided to follow Danny and not return to Calvary. Very sad, as I have been a member for 20 years.

  32. paul roberts

    we are very sad to hear of this please keep us informed of developments.

  33. Alex

    I just want to send a friendly reminder to all concerned:

    At this time, it is most important that you follow JESUS, not a particular man, nor group of men.

    Throw emotions out the window, get down on your knees, and seriously seek God’s wisdom and will for your family. God’s answer may or may not agree with your emotions. BUT, if it is God’s will and not your own, then follow God’s will.

    1. Cj messina

      Alex your correct that we must follow Jesus& not man,however with that being established how can we “men” continue to fellowship in a church that has become a political institution (the removal of God’s anointed)? Read John2:12-17& see how our lord removed those whom turned His father’s house away from being a place to worship. We as followers of Christ should never act like the “world” but be light in it. Too stay at CC st pete would just be endorsing the political overthrow (this was a pure power grab by men who coveted Danny’s position)of God’s anointed as ALL CC pastors should be. Therefore, if your comfortable supporting the conspirators and wanna stay that’s clearly your choice. But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord-Joshua 24:15

      1. Al clark

        Well stated!
        As for me, I choose to serve the Lord. And I don’t feel His spirit at CCSP so I have chosen to leave.

      2. Al Clark

        Perfectly stated.
        God bless you

    2. Ray H

      Amen. God has something wonderful plan but Satan also has a plan. One is to multiple, the other is to divide. To God be the glory.

  34. George

    R.I.P. CCSP. Stick a fork in it. This ministry is toast now.

  35. Al

    Please remember : These 9 men each got up and spoke of how Pastor Danny gave them the opportunity to be where they are today!! They praised him. –When I look back at Pastor Danny’s word “We are going to have a series on Wednesday nights for a while. Get to know your Pastors. Please come and hear their testimonies.” Honestly I lthink of each man and how they praised Danny. Oh!! there were three that were honest Frank D, Art D, & Lewis R. the others were plotting against him. How deceitfully sinfully sad. To speak from both sides of ones mouth directly to the church body and moreover before God whom you profess to love and know!!! Scripture says those who preach and teach WILL be held/judged at a high level …. repent men if CCSP before it’s to late. Phil E. stepping out in leadership Now -not just sitting in the back pulling strings.Repent!! Men know your dirty deeds they will come out. God knows All

  36. Greg

    All these comments are very interesting. And there is no doubt that Danny has a gift a God-given gift and obviously should continue to use it. He is also a man who is subject to reasonable expectations as a man . But what would these guys be thinking is there another person among them that has the gift of preaching and teaching that they would put themselves at odds with him to the point that he would leave. And I agree about the secrecy of all these things it does make me curious what could be so bad that they would want to disqualify him and yet they would not want to be forthright with the members about it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Danny’s perfect by any means none of us are but I don’t think there’s any of us that can deny that he has a gift and that is what has taken the church so far. Perhaps God feels that Danny has become complacent and desires to move him out of his comfort zone. Who knows. I do believe that wherever he goes people will follow

    1. Al Clark

      I totally agree. It is not that Danny left, it was that he was forced to leave in a totally unbiblical and unprofessional manner. The lying and withholding the truth is more than enough to cause me to leave. But I stayed long enough to realize that theSpirit ofGod no longer tabernacles in that place; it has become just another building.

  37. Penelope Suggs

    My father was a Minister when I was a child, after he and my mother divorced and I turned twelve I stopped going to church, after I turned 23 and had a son, it was time to find myself a home church, I had been to many churches, looking and looking for that teacher of Christ like my father that taught the word of God from the book not their interputation of the word. When I moved to Daytona Beach Florida in December of 1995 I continued searching, by now my son was 9yrs old and my daughter was 7yrs old. In March of 1996 I came over to St Petersburg to visit my sister and her six children. She ask me to stay the night and try her church out. I spent the night and went to church with her at Calvary Chapel, it was in a building that was at one time a publix grocery store, from the moment I stepped through the door I knew I was in my home church the search was over, and I cried. Until 4 years ago I only was able to attend in person once a month. I moved over here 4 years ago to care for my ailing parents, Calvary is just a couple blocks away and I attended as often as I could. When I heard Danny was retiring my heart sank, because even if I could not attend in person I could always watch the service on video,and get his teachings of Christ, I thought what am I going to do now, I do not want to search for a new home church. Then I heard from a fellow church member, she told me Danny was starting a new fellowship, the Joy I felt was so overwhelming I cried. Can’t wait to experience his teachings in a smaller setting. God has surly chosen Danny Hodges to teach his word.

    1. This Sunday at 9 and 11 AM. See our forum > announcements for the details. Get there early. It’s going to be HUGE! ?

  38. Mike Cole

    None so blind as those who refuse to see. I hit this wall at CCSP 17 years ago with Danny. And at that time he did to me what he is now experiencing. Time for people to look and see that the very system of modern church lends to all this happening.

  39. Shirley Morrison

    Be very careful when you put more faith in a pastor than God. Pastor’s are people, they make mistakes. You think Danny is infallable? You don’t have the facts. You don’t need the facts. You need to let your elders do what you elected them to do.

    I also left 17 years ago but all this dirty laundry being aired on Facebook. What a witness. Fighting with each other. The same thing happened to Suncoast, twice; it never recovered.

    How many souls are you losing with all this fighting. What does the Bible say, better a rock be tied around your neck and you be thrown the ocean. Leave Danny to answer to God and the Elders.

    It would seem, however, if Danny was interested in healing the situation, it would be more logical to start a new church in a different location and let this congregation heal.

    1. Al Clark

      The faith in Danny is simply that of a Shepard of the flock; and at that he has always done a very good job. A lot of the sheep prefer him as their Shepard. Let the Elders do?? That is what caused this problem. Nobody followed any of the procedures that were in place. And those that are there now seem unwilling or unable to tell the truth. If Calvary Chapel does not survive, so be it. You misquote scripture for your own use. You need to read that again in its entirety. Danny has started a new church and it will be in a different location. But not so far away as to abandon his flock. Sounds like a lot of whining, Shirley. Do you want to force people to stay at CCSP? Go to the City and see if they can craft an ordinance that would not allow another church within a 10 mile radius of CCSP.

    2. As i see the situation – Calvary Chapel St. Pete gambled with their takeover and were outplayed by the old master, Danny Hodges. The elders didn’t foresee what would happen in the end. It’s simply over!

      Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Petersburg - 2nd Meeting at Lake Seminole Park. Danny Hodges preaching from a barbq pit

      Danny has a fantastic group of followers. The prayer meeting on o6/23/17 had a Huge turnout. His official 1st meeting drew a standing room crowd on 07/09/17. And last Sunday’s 2nd service 07/16/17 filled TWO shelters at Lake Seminole Park, with people spread out into the surrounding landscape in chairs etc.

      Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Petersburg - 2nd Meeting at Lake Seminole Park was HUGE!

      CCSP live stream showed the chapel nearly empty. I hate to think what the operating overhead of CCSP is, it must be HUGE! As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

      1. Ricky Mcswain

        Would someone please help me get back connect with. My Pastor Danny Hodges. I have been going to CCSP for 12 years under him my life has changed. Now am still going to CCSP .I have been looking for Mr Hodges. My Name is Ricky Mcswain. Please call me at 7272267354 my email address is [email protected] Com

        1. nanci

          I hope by now you have connected with him. this coming Sunday he will be preaching at the Banquet hall next to the habitat restore building on 49th. I believe 12:30 and another one later

  40. Mark Stanchfield


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