CCSP Special Church Body Meeting Sunday 06/25 @ 12:30 About Pastor Danny’s Resignation

Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg has announced a special meeting to inform the church body of Pastor Danny’s resignation.

Unfortunately CCSP only announced this event during yesterday’s evening service. And so far have only posted it to their Facebook page. They have NOT announced this important meeting on their official website.

Chances are, the heat being put on them by this website and Facebook groups forced their hand. Please share this blog post with anyone you know that goes to CCSP.

Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg Church Announcement
This special meeting to announce pastor Danny’s resignation will be held 06/25/17 @ 12:30 PM

Make no mistake. In our opinion, this was a planned Hostile Takeover. It is also our opinion that Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg (CCSP) insiders used PastorServe to conduct their review of Danny Hodges because the church and Danny Hodges were unknown to PastorServe. Insiders could be untruthful to interviewers with no repercussions.

Calvary Chapel St. Pete should have used the Calvary Chapel Association (CCA) to settle this inter corporation dispute. CCSP is well known to CCA including pastor Danny Hodges. However, in our opinion, insiders wouldn’t be able to pull this hostile takeover off if CCA had mediated the dispute.

In a nutshell, it’s obvious that CCSP insiders wanted Danny Hodges out of the way. They did not want Danny’s son Jarius taking over as senior pastor in 5 years. With Danny gone they could run the church however they saw fit. Dirty non-profit business done under God’s house.

Update 06/24/17: CCSP has apparently deleted their notification of this special event from their Facebook page. And there is still no mention about it on their website.

We should show up regardless to hear what they have to say. If you’re planning on attending, be informed of the truth beforehand, as spinning might be attempted.

According to this Facebook Support Danny Group Post:

CCSP is having a meeting for everyone at the church Sunday after services from 12:30 till about 1:15. We watched tonight’s service online, curious to see if they would mention Danny. They said there would be an announcement at the ending.

At that time, they mentioned that Danny and Wendy had sent a letter yesterday. Did not say what it was about. Just said that many of you may have seen something about it on the Internet. Then Ryan announced the meeting for Sunday. Said something like if you consider yourself a member here and want to know more, come Sunday at 12:30.

We suggest you read both Pastor Danny and Wendy Hodges resignation letter. And the letter of support sent by CCA Don McClure to CCSP. Both letters are in this blog post. Possibly print out both for a reference.

Statement from CCSP on June 25, 2017. Official ministry video is here.

Dear Calvary Chapel Family,

We Love Danny and Wendy Hodges and have been deeply impacted by their ministry at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. They have been a tremendous part of this church for the last 34 years and we celebrate all the things God has done through them.

Beginning in November 2016, some serious concerns arose concerning Danny Hodges and his leadership at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. These concerns caused the Ruling Elders (Board of Directors) to investigate the work environment of the church with Danny’s permission. They began to interview the Pastors as Danny had instructed, then he changed his mind and asked them to stop the interview process. The Ruling Elders advised the Pastoral Elders to meet extensively with Danny Hodges and confront the issues they personally believed to be sinful patterns in his life (I Timothy 5:19-20). They began a series of meetings with Danny where they outlined their concerns. Danny deflected the issues they brought to his attention. On Tuesday, January 24th Danny Hodges instructed the Pastoral Elders to go to the Ruling Elders if they believed he had disqualified himself from the Biblical qualifications of eldership (Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3, I Peter 5). Nine of the twelve pastors believed that he had disqualified himself and delivered that letter to Danny Hodges and then to the Ruling Elders outlining their concerns.

Both Danny Hodges and the Ruling Elders agreed to seek a third party to come in and assess the situation from a non-biased position. Together, Art Dykstra and Dave Dodge, Danny’s personal accountability partners, researched many resources. On February 17th, 2017 they recommended PastorServe to be the third party due to their extensive experience, good reputation, training with Paul Tripp and Peacemakers Ministries and work with other Calvary Chapels. All of the pastors, including Danny Hodges, agreed to accept their assessment and recommendations to the Ruling Elders and submit to the result. After conducting interviews with all parties involved, PastorServe gave a report to the Ruling Elders stating, in their judgment, that Danny did not meet the elder requirement of being someone who is “above reproach” when leading Christ’s church. (I Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:6). PastorServe’s recommendation was that Danny Hodges step down from the position of Senior Pastor and enter into a restoration plan, which includes ownership of sin, reconciliation, and next steps. Danny Hodges initially rejected the recommendations and announced his retirement during the Easter Weekend Services.

Danny Hodges seemed to have a change of heart on Friday, April 21, 2017 when he communicated to the Ruling Elders that he was willing to submit himself to the restoration plan and do whatever necessary to reconcile. In light of this change of heart, Danny Hodges signed a covenant to enter the PastorServe restoration plan. The following weekend, Danny Hodges wrote a confession of his own volition that did not cover all of the issues, but did at least demonstrate ownership of a number of them. We believed this was a good beginning for an ongoing process of restoration. He shared his confession through a video with the body. He acknowledged there had been a drinking problem in the past and that he had displayed sinful tendencies that he was not aware of at the time, causing him at times to abuse his authority and hurt the very people who were there to serve with him. He also took personal responsibility by saying, “My overindulgence during this period cannot be blamed on ministry burnout or anything else for that matter, it was self-medicating, but was nevertheless the feeding of my sinful nature, it was sin.”

Upon Danny’s return from his Israel Trip in June 2017 the Ruling Elders asked Danny to give an “All in or All out” decision based on his behavior and interaction with PastorServe while on the Israel trip. On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, Danny Hodges sent an email to the Ruling Elders, Pastoral Elders, Shepherding Elders and all of the church Staff that he and Wendy were leaving Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg and would no longer continue with the restoration plan that he had previously agreed to. In that email he cited, “ministry burnout” as the reason for his past misconduct and called into question the integrity of PastorServe, as well as bringing accusations against the leadership of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg.

The Ruling Elders have accepted Danny and Wendy Hodges’ resignation. We love Danny Hodges and his family and are deeply saddened by the pain and division these circumstances have brought to our entire church body. We pray that God continues to bless Danny Hodges and his family and deal graciously with them concerning these matters. Our heart is to heal personal relationships with Danny.

We are committed to maintaining verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible and Spirit led worship. Jesus has promised to build His church. The Pastors and Elders are committed to follow Him, the Great Shepherd of the sheep,(I Peter 5:4) in caring for His flock and proclaiming His Gospel here and throughout the world. Let’s continue in loyalty to Jesus. His call to this body remains, “Follow Me!”.(Matthew 4:19)

The Eldership of Calvary Chapel

Update 06/25/17: God has blessed our Pastor Danny with an exciting new journey that began last night at Lake Seminole Park. View our prayer meeting video here.

25 Thoughts to “CCSP Special Church Body Meeting Sunday 06/25 @ 12:30 About Pastor Danny’s Resignation”

  1. Carole A Collotty

    This is the best place to come and support Danny and ask questions, or post comments. Thanks Fido for creating this site!

    1. Yep.. CCSP is a frequent website visitor.. Post away! ?

  2. Carole A Collotty

    I have to assume and believe the meeting following Sun church WILL TAKE PLACE………or would they actually do it after Sat Pm service on purpose. Then when everyone, whoever is going on Sun would be told a “cop out”. Terrible to have someone make you feel ths way.

  3. Mike Elder


  4. charlie

    please add me to the list and danny email list and so i can keep update. i plan be there on love and prayers for danny and family.Lord bless

    1. We have set up a forum for announcements and discussions. If you register your member account email notifications will be sent to you.

  5. Carole A Collotty

    Mike, read my post that Don Mcclure sent me after I wrote to CCA. I received it last night. Last night was awesome and I am now at peace, asa re Danny and his family. He did exactly what I knew he would do. So glad we will have him back and it doesn’t matter where.

  6. Carole A Collotty

    Fido, will you be attending the 11:00 service and the meeting, or just the meeting. If you go I hope you will video it. Thanks so much for posting the awesome prayer meeting with Danny last night. Can you imagine how many people still do not know about this truth. If I go I thought I would take Dannys letter and the reply I received from CCA Don Mcclure stating how much he tried to help this situation and he was refused. And how much they dislike the unbiblical way of leaving no way for Danny to come back. Thank God he made the decision he did as we now have our pastor back and we will start continuing with Pastor Danny right where he left off. What do you think about taking the letters and just putting them on empty seats or asking the person beside you if they would like to read the letter.

    1. Appreciate that, was in a hurry to get it online for our fb group to hear.

  7. John Sinclair

    I’m still amazed and stunned that one email from Bob Cory caused all this to happen. Unbelievable.

  8. Mike Dee

    In reviewing both the transcripts from the meeting and Don McClure’s letter it is clear that Bob had a major roll in Danny’s removal. In both instances his name is the first one mentioned.

    It is interesting to note the sequence of events that transpired from the Nov. 13th meeting when Danny allegedly told the board of his desire to see his son Jarius succeed him as head pastor to the Dec. 4th meeting to further discuss the matter with the board. I have a few questions:

    1. Was it a coincidence that Bob Cory sent an email assassinating Danny’s character and leadership style the day before that Dec 4th board meeting? I don’t think so.

    2. When was the Dec. 4 meeting set up by Danny? It couldn’t have been one day notice. Right? It had to have been set up maybe a week or two in advance in my opinion. So Bob must have been in touch with some of the people in leadership who knew Danny’s intentions regarding his son as a result of the Nov 13th meeting.

    3. According to the transcripts on Dec 3rd the board “thought it would be best to interview the pastors and the staff to assess the climate of the workplace” BECAUSE “Bob worked closely with Danny for more than 20 years.” So they had (at least in their minds) decided to open an inquiry/investigation solely based on the email of Bob Cory? Without talking to Danny first?

    4. It wasn’t until the end of the Dec 4th meeting that the board told Danny of the email from Bob. The board said that “they had taken no position on the contents of the email”. Really? That’s an outright lie based on the statement above in their own words.

    So in sum. This entire event hinged on one single solitary email from a person who is no longer a part of the CCSP fellowship and never held a leadership position other than as worship leader and administrator and who may have been unceremoniously let go by Danny several years ago.

    As far as I’m concerned he is a total outsider who has no knowledge of the day to day operations and contents of what the board and leadership are dealing with…or does he?

    1. Carole A Collotty


    2. Carson

      Mike – You assume too much and are way off the facts. Looks like you will only beleive what your itching ears want to hear. Be blessed as you move forward with Danny ( I love him too), but as for me and my family we will stay put at CCSP.

      Peace, be still.

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Mike is right. It is yor right to stay and mine to go. Prayers and blessings for all of us as we journey our paths.

        1. Jan Arvi

          Hi Ms Carole, is Pastor Danny having a new ministry/church that we can attend to? Would love to know the details. thanks.

      2. Mike Dee

        This is totally accurate Carson. I took it directly from the transcripts. Word for word. So unless you have a knowledge of other facts that weren’t disclosed I don’t think you’re in a position to criticize.

  9. Kimberly Stauder

    The core leadership at CCSP remains intact, including the music ministry. This speaks volumes to me. If you want to leave CCSP, fine. But just move on… “Let it go.” There is no need to be divisive.

    Proverbs 6:16-19 New International Version (NIV)

    16 There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:
    17 haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
    feet that are quick to rush into evil,
    19 a false witness who pours out lies
    and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

    1. Mike Dee

      In combing through the facts it seems to me that the “leaders” at CCSP are guilty of more than one of those. How ’bout they do the Christian thing a repent then offer an apology? Or has that not crossed your mind?

    2. Mike Dee


      Let’s see how many “core leaders” stay at CCSP once the true facts come out. And they will.

      “But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the LORD; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.” -Numbers 32:23

      1. HostMaster

        Apparently according to this Facebook post Calvary Chapel St. Pete is dismissing volunteers who are following pastor Danny Hodges as he builds his new ministry.

        Down right dishonest and definitely not Biblical.

        Sour Grapes!

        1. Mike Dee

          Absolutely. Talk about an us vs. them mentality! Wow.

  10. Carole A Collotty

    Kim, you are entitled to your opinion, but mine remains with Pastor Danny. Proverbs 6: 16 – 19……I don’t question who did those things, I know. Blessings, Carole

  11. Cccstpetelies

    Our own conclusion : LIES
    First of all regardless of Dannys pride and anger issues, these so called leaders (can’t even say the word pastors) are bunch of judas.
    There’s definetely one coveting the pulpit and possibly one coveting pulpit for his son, since he has a “dream job”.
    Dannys drinking. Which he was delivered from, confessed, and apologized. What about, Tom Teel, Joe Seddio, Niles Parker, Phil Eaton, Sebastian Dortch, not to mention his wife. Pictures to come.# triple sec
    Bob Corey: do you all even know how much his salary was at ccstpete? You’ll be shocked. He was gone for 3 years at the time he “felt compelled” to address the board. Not while making his fat salary or while enjoying his severance package ( that Joe Seddio approved with no remors).
    Building paid off. They should get a realtor. In the real world, the way the spend money is called misappropriation of funds. Church fraud.
    That is coming up!

  12. Carol

    I am new to this website and recently posted on another subject, but I am trying to understand all of this mess.

    Why would there be a “hostile takeover”?? Did the “board” simply not like Danny? And, how could they do that if Danny was the senior pastor.

    As a newcomer to this website and a person trying to find a place to attend…, I would like to say that the one sentence in this post was somewhat disturbing and makes the whole thing look weird: “Those involved will burn in hell for eternities for what they have done.” So, even if they believe in Jesus as their savior and have received him, they will “burn in hell”…? C’mon man.., that is the type of statement that seems rather silly. Even if they lied about Danny, but still believe in Jesus…, they going to “burn in hell?” I am not trying to be argumentative, but if you want your “message” to be believed or whatever I am trying to say – that needs to be taken out, for real. I hope Danny wouldn’t have approved that statement…, if he did, that would not say much about him.

    All that being said, I am simply seeking the truth and want to find a place to land… Thank you.

    1. Please read our blog and forum policies. This website is not endorsed by Danny Hodges, Calvary Chapel St. Pete, or Calvary Chapel Fellowship St.Pete. It contains speculation about alleged wrongdoings in articles and forum postsby the site admin, and website guest comments. As for the hostile takeover allegation, that happens in corporate America all the time. CCSP is a Florida corporation, and a tax free one at that. Lots of money coming in and going out of it. Just saying.. 🙂

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