Pastor Danny Hodges NEW Ministry / Church 1st Meeting 07/09/17

Pastor Danny Hodges 1st NEW Church meeting of Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Pete is tomorrow 07/09/17. Located at Performing Arts Center. 4951 78th Ave North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

Service times are 9:00 and 11:00 AM. This facility seats 600 so be early to get your seat. This is a temporary facility until a permanent location can be established. Other meetings of Calvary Chapel Fellowship are scheduled. See our forum announcement post for the full schedule and tithing options.

Calvary Chapel Fellowship St Pete
Temporary meeting facility Calvary Chapel Fellowship of St Petersburg FL. Performing Arts Center of Pinellas Park FL.

There is childcare for ages 5 and up. Also a fenced in playground at the entrance to the Performing Arts Center. Our licensed childcare workers will supervise and lead activities there. Or you can bring children in with you. To route driving direction to this meeting visit this link to Google Maps.

Now that the flock has it’s Shepherd back this websites fate must be decided. It has undoubtedly shined a bright spotlight on the darkness of the past. And would be a good future reference to Satan’s controlling behavior. 😡

We personally thank all of you who assisted us shine this bright light deep into cyberspace these past few months. You social sharing and commenting has made a huge difference, and for that we sincerely appreciate you! 🙂

10 Thoughts to “Pastor Danny Hodges NEW Ministry / Church 1st Meeting 07/09/17”

  1. Christine Lussier

    I stand with truth and love Pastor Danny and Wendy. See you all tomorrow

  2. Marsha Mihovetz

    I know the Lord has BIG plans for Pastor Danny and his family. And I am very happy to be a part of the fellowship!!!
    God bless Calvary Chapel Fellowship!!

  3. Donna

    We have moved and cannot physically attend. Will there be an online option?
    I personally feel this site should remain and perhaps Danny could make the decision whether or not it comes down and when?
    I’m ecstatic that Danny is back in the saddle again! May God bless this new venture and give him the wisdom to recognize and weed out the Judases before they grab hold.
    Thank you!!!

    1. The last I’ve heard they are working on setting up their website and doing other things. It has been mentioned that a YouTube or other LiveStream could be set up to stream the service. It just takes time to put it all together, so please be patient.

  4. Carol

    I am trying to make sense of all of this. I recently listened to the “Church Update” on the CCSP FB page and was shocked at what was said. I then watched a scratchy video of Danny speaking to people at a park (or something) and it almost had a Jim Jones type atmosphere.

    And then today I just listened to this website’s audio of Danny and he explained some of the accusations and that they were not true. I liked his message, and his ending was superb, but all of the laughter and giggling in the background concerned me a great deal – this is not a laughing matter, and I don’t think it is a David vs Goliath thing. It disturbed me because many people have been affected by this – the “forgotten ones”…, the folks that have been struggling with alcohol, the ones struggling with understanding truth…, and many other problems.

    I started attending CCSP because years ago I heard Danny on a local radio station and LOVED his message. I thought he would be located in some far away state and was happy when I learned where he was. I loved CCSP, and when I couldn’t physically make it, I watched on the internet.

    I am at a place now where I don’t know who is telling the truth. Why would the “Board” make up all of those things about Danny and present them in video form, one “elder” after another. And why would Danny have to start a “new” church if these were all lies? I don’t understand that part. Why, if all of that was untrue, would they be so bold and blatant in their “Church Update” presentation?

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, except now I have no place to go to try and get help to get my life straightened out, and it needs some guidance. I don’t want to attend a place where I am being lied to – so boldly, or the “truth” is skewed, but I also don’t want to get caught into a cult-type following.

    Again, I am not trying to be an ass – I’m just trying to climb out of this fog of confusion…

  5. David Vancelette

    Nobody. At PAC Sunday at 11 on Jul 16th.

    1. Today’s meeting of Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Pete is being held at Lake Seminole Park under shelters 10 and 11. PAC was a temporary facility for the 1st meeting.

  6. Bernadette

    I was out of State when the first service happened; but I am extremely happy
    they have come of the woods, so to speak, and are back starting a new fellowship.
    God Bless Danny and Wendy for serving the Lord – all the time. Praise God!
    Love you both.

  7. Catherine Gillan

    Where can we find schedules of Sunday services?

    1. Check CCFSP website. Link on our blog sidebar.

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