pastor danny hodges cheap shot

This website is an archive of from 2017. It was originally brought online to reach out to and round up pastor Danny’s parishioners. Dave Dodge and several of his comrades managed to grab Hodges by the scruff of his neck and threw him out of the ministry he spent 17 years building. The coup was about Money and Power that had no place in Gods kingdom!

This archive was on a flash drive, and as a blogger and webmaster I decided to give it a home on my server in a subdomain. I really enjoyed pastor Danny Hodges bible teaching and was a regular every Sunday morning at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. Then one Sunday pastor Hodges was gone.

The following Sunday pastor Hodges was MIA again. After the service done by another Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg pastor, a lady came up front handing out cards. The cards had a simple one page website web address and the words what happened to pastor Danny Hodges. Security quickly ushered her out of the building. Outside I met up with her and we exchanged cards.

After an sms conversation I volunteered my services and webmaster skills to get the message out about what happened to pastor Danny. For a few months gave pastor Dave Dodge and his fellow comrades hell. All kinds of dirty laundry was dug up about Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg and published for all of pastor Hodges parishioners to see. The website was a success.

A prayer meeting has held for pastor Danny Hodges at Lake Seminole Park on 06/23/2017, which was video recorded. The pavilion was packed with an overflow crowd of pastor Danny’s supporters. Later during the prayer meeting Danny Hodges showed up passing out flyers for a new ministry he was starting. Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Petersburg was founded.

Danny was looking for a church to lease or buy. In the meantime we met at different facilities temporarily. God led Danny to a vacant church in St. Pete and the new ministry began.

Apparently Danny Hodges newfound success went to his head. During this service on 10/01/17 he took a arrogant cheap-shot to one of the many volunteers who helped put the new ministry together. I lost all my respect for him after watching this video. Such is church business I guess!

It’s all about money, power, and control in a mega church like Calvary Chapel. I visited Calvary Chapel St. Pete in February 2020 and 1/3 of the main auditorium seats were gone. Gone were the ushers helping latecomers find a seat. And gone were the parking lot volunteers directing traffic after the service ended. The coronavirus must have done a number on CCSP since then.