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On Easter Sunday we heard of Pastor Danny’s “retirement” which we knew in our hearts was wrong. We knew he would never leave the church he loves without a head pastor to take over.

Two weeks later we were shown a video, by him, admitting to a problem that he had, but was delivered from 18 months ago.

Deep inside our souls we asked “what is really going on here?” Our spirits told us something is wrong. And it is. Very wrong. This is spiritual attack against our pastor. Matthew 26:31 says, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.

We were shocked to learn three pastors instigated this plot to remove Danny. They contacted an outside source to start a review of him over 5 months ago. They didn’t go to the Calvary Chapel Association, like they should have, but instead went to Pasterserve.

According to Pastorserve’s website they were supposed to talk to the Elders and to the small group leaders. Only the Ruling Elder board of five were interviewed and none of the small group leaders or the remaining elders. No one else knew or was consulted. It was done secretively.

ECC 12:14 says “For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”

Some of the leadership are committing two major sins. They are bearing false witness, not just against their neighbor but against their leader and they are coveting the position of senior pastor.

Anytime we questioned one of those pastors about it and they told us the church is trying to protect our senior pastor and it is a deep sin issue or a financial matter. If we didn’t leave it alone we were just going to hurt him. These are lies. Our pastor himself confessed to what he had done wrong in his video. Remember that. Anything else said hear is malice and slander.

They talk of ‘restoring him’. If that were true then why have they worked so hard to get rid of him? And why is he no longer on the website?

This really has nothing to do with Danny not being there. It has everything to do with what they have done to him. If he were actually retiring or going somewhere that God called him to go then okay. We would miss him but so be it. Jesus Christ is the head of our church but Danny is its heart. He is God’s anointed teacher and rightful head pastor of this Church. Pastor Danny’s love of the Lord is evident by his messages and those messages have grown this congregation from a small Warehouse to the huge church it is today. All along he gives glory and credit to God. He loves this church body.

What he has done recently is try to keep it together and that’s what we’re doing. Our actions are not meant to divide Calvary but to save it. The congregation is already dividing and the numbers are decreasing every week. The leadership behind this don’t care. They said they expect to lose 25 to 35% of the congregation without Danny and they are okay with that. That’s not okay! The bible teaches in Luke 15:4, a good shepherd will leave the 99 sheep to find the one that is lost.

This is what God is telling us to do. God is good and his ways are pure. He is orchestrating all of this. We are just listening to Him. It is all overwhelming but we trust the Lord. We have no way of knowing all of this inside information without God being the coordinator of this. None. We are sure they will try to discredit us and say that we are misinformed or lying. We can assure you that our sources are extremely reliable. We have no reason to lie.

In My fasting and prayer I asked God why did it get this far. He told me “It had to”. It took the vote against Danny to see how far the yeast had spread among the leadership. And now he knows that nine pastors and assistant pastors were actually affected. 9. We are sure some of them are good men whose hearts have been led astray, but they still voted for him to leave. Only three pastors stood up for Danny. They are Pastors Art, Frank and assistant Pastor Luis.

Bottom line: Nothing Pastor Danny spoke of on the video is grounds for him not being senior pastor of this Church. It didn’t affect his teaching and he should remain as head pastor. He spoke of his issue of pride. If everyone who was prideful in some way couldn’t teach there would be no pastors. Pastor Danny is not perfect and has always been transparent about his shortcomings. The only perfect one was Jesus and He said “Let He who is without sin among you cast the first stone” None of us can do that.

If you are a new believer please do not let this dishearten you but to serve as a warning instead. The devil is out to destroy all believers, new and seasoned. The only way to combat that is to have a relationship with Jesus and know the truth of the Bible. Stay in it. Read it. Pray daily so that you will know when you’re being led astray. Listen to the Holy Spirit inside of you. If it feels wrong, then it probably is. Don’t be discouraged. 1 John 4:4 says “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.” God always wins.

Right now many of you probably have a full range of emotions and want to know what you can do. First and most importantly-pray. I know many of you have been. Continue to pray for Danny, Wendy and their whole family. Pray for the ones doing this to come to repentance. Pray for this Church to continue teaching the way it has for 34 years. Pray and do what God leads you to do.

If you don’t agree with what is happening let the pastors and ruling elders know. What we are doing is putting our tithe away or tithing elsewhere until our Danny is restored to his rightful position. Pastor Danny has always taught that the tithe is to God and should be done through your home church. That’s true but with what has happened, this is no longer our home. But it can be again. It’s not too late. As a congregation we need to unify in the truth and come together to save this Church. We need to insist that Pastor Danny is reinstated and given full authority to remove the ones responsible for all this.


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  1. Anonymous

    In the corporate world this scenario is called a hostile takeover. In a nutshell he was ousted from his own church.

    1. Bob Schlechty

      It’s not his church. It’s God’s church. I loved his messages but I will not worship him over the church and create a division.

      1. Anonymous also

        Amen! It’s GOD’s church!

      2. Carole A Collotty

        I will not worship in that church without Pastor Danny!

      3. Rebeca Gallegos

        Who the Chuch belongs to is not in question by any person who supports Danny. What we have issue with is the life’s work of a man who is twice the man of God as any of you, being hijacked and usurped by accusers of the brethren. It is Danny’s ministry to his God and the sheep placed under his care that we are defending. You can never take that away from him, no matter how hard you try. God recognizes him for the servant that he is and so do we.

        1. Carole A Collotty

          Rebeca, im so happy to read your comments. You are really right on and I totally agree with you! Its about defending Danny’s ministry! ❤️

    2. Carole A Collotty

      Prove it to us if Danny was ousted from his own church, and why. PROVE IT TO US!

      1. Carole A Collotty

        I think I meant to say……prove it to me/us that Pastor Danny WASNT ousted by the church and others!

        1. I have messaged pastor Danny to call me for a recorded interview. Hopefully we can find out what’s going on.

          1. Carole A Collotty

            I didnt think he answered any messages from FB. Maybe you have another way of contact. Anyway, it would be wonderful if Pastor Danny would do it! Since he has resigned he may feel free to tell it as it is. I have a hard time believing that Pastor Danny would leave or have his congregation with so many unanswerd questions, so much anxiety, hurt, and even many psychologically affected. This has been more than devastating and it hurts deep within us. Right now I cant imagine being/hearing any other pastor. Im 76 now and just found the right pastor/teacher who told it as it is and for the first time in my,life of many,churches I finally was deeply connected. So, by my age you know how many churches/religions I went through without finding what I needed until 10 years ago when God led me into Calvary to hear Danny. I finally found what I needed with Danny’s teaching. I knew nothng about the leadership or the so called board, elders, etc., I didnt care. Danny’s teachings were all I needed! I pray you will hear from Danny and he will tell us whatever it is we need to know to make any kind of sense out of this. God Bless this God loving, special and humble man. May God turn a wrong into a wonderful right for Danny, his family, and all those who love and support them.

            1. Maybe normally he does not answer fb messages, but maybe he will this time under the circumstances. Guess he is in Israel now or just leaving. Seen a video in the group shot from the tour bus in tel Aviv.

              1. Carole A Collotty

                Maybe because of the circumstances he will. I believe they are headed home now.

          2. Rebeca Gallegos

            Honestly HostMaster,
            I won’t believe anything I hear, good or bad, unless I hear it straight from Danny’s mouth in the presence of many witnesses. Why can’t we plan a potluck bar-b-que at a park somewhere and invite Danny and Wendy to come and tell us whatever THEY want to say? How fun it would be to hang out and just fellowship with them and each other! We can have a list of non-guests, including the haters on this site and the Pastors and elders and who agreed to oust Danny, and not allow them to attend our welcome back/appreciation party.

            1. That’s a good idea.. Y’all set it up and I’ll be there.

              1. Rebeca Gallegos

                I’ll see what I can do❤️

            2. Carole A Collotty

              Rebeca, I think your idea is excellent! I’m all for it! Many of you must know Danny and Wendy personally…..and the other leadership too. With such a large congregation it was difficult to personally get to know them, howeve, one week before the April 15th service I had an opportunity to talk to Danny and I asked him to pray for me and with me which he did. I know who he is by the way he teaches, etc. ❤️

  2. Anonymous

    I read your opinions with a lot of thoughtful consideration. There have definitely been a lot of issues on all sides and this hasn’t been an easy situation to work through. I think there are some important things to consider though. I think it is very ironic that you would accuse so many of divisiveness when this post clearly has such a motive behind it. it is possible for a person to be delivered from sin, however just because you admit it does not mean you should remain qualified in your position. Pastors are held to a higher standard as evidenced by scripture (James 3). I would warn you to be careful of pulling scripture out of context (striking the Shepard clearly refers to Jesus, not Danny or any other pastor).

    The reason it got so far was because he did not heed the counsel from elders and pastors on staff. it never went to a vote. Everyone wants Danny to have right relationships with his family and others, most importantly with the Lord. A lot of healing needs to take place. The heart of Calvary is the Gospel, not any man. Pray for him, and pray for your church

    1. Ray

      Danny was NOT ousted by a hostile takeover. An independent company was called in to look into how the church was running under his leadership. Danny had a choice, to leave on his own or have a vote of the leadership to decide his position. The church is a very large business that cannot be controlled by one person which was the way it was happening. He had opened the church up to many potential lawsuits for wrongful terminations. If you looked around you could see the many different employees were no longer there, have any of you ever reached out to these former employees to actually hear what was going on? CCSP is going to continue to teach the way it always has, the leadership has stated that already. In many businesses the employee would have been let go, most of the time with no severance. Just ask your elders what Danny is receiving…… that alone will change most of your hearts….that would put an end to the rumors this was about money.

      and I along with my family think it was highly inappropriate for him to tell the congregation and visitors at Christmas Eve service how much he still loves the smell of pot. Enough already of the stories of Visine, hiding places….etc. We all have a story to tell, we just don’t need to hear it so often.

      1. Carole A Collotty

        Ray, I’m 76 and never smoked or drank anything because I chose not to, however, I have friends of all ages and while out with them quite often one can’t help but possibly being in an area with an odor of something. One time i asked a much younger friend while in a restaurant, ” Hmm, what is that smell”, those who knew it told me it was pot. Now I have never seen pot, smoked pot, or smelled pot, however, the smell was nice so why wouldn’t someone say, “Wow, I still love the smell of pot”? I love the smell of food but I can’t allow myself the enjoyment,of eating it becasue of consequences. Since you seem to be more up on the church protocol than I am perhaps you can tell me exactly what pastorserve did, who asked them to do whatever, and what they “found”. Did they come into Calvary many times……is there proof of that? And what right does pastorserve have to go to other leadership and do what???? Is there proof that pastorserve went to Danny? I don’t disagree with Danny’s video, but I think the big unanswered question is, “How was this process initiated and WHY? Who was questioning who? and for what reason? It is my opinion that Pastor Danny was asked to step down or he would be ousted. Speculation and gossip is all over. For now I will try to adhere to what Danny has asked us to do. But there will be a breaking point timeline for me as to where I will be attending, either with Calvary or ??????? Do not be offended by my own personal opinion. But because of the quick way all happened it is human to wonder, it is human to be torn, it is human and normal to want to make sure the pastor that made Calvary is protectd, and it is human for me or anyone else to want what’s best for our spirituality. Calvary is the name of the church. For me, it could be callled anything……it’s the Pastor who makes it.

      2. Rebeca Gallegos

        Is this Ray Franklin? The missionary?Ray, you were free to take your family elsewhere if you were not being fed by Danny’s teaching. Just as we are free to leave Calvary Chapel St. Pete because we are not being fed. Freedom is what Christ came and died for.

        1. Carole A Collotty

          Well said Rebeca. For me, it’s not about division, or a “doctrine “……..it’s about what’s right and whats not right. It’s about the true meaning and teaching of the Word, God loving Christianity and honesty! Pastor Danny is the best. Now Calvary doesn’t have it and THEY DONT GET IT. Very sad. God will tell me in His time where I need to be. I believe God is as angry as much as we are. Does no one fear our Lord? I think there are some situations caused by UNGODLY acts towards one another. “THOSE” should be fearful of such acts.

        2. Kim

          I so agree. If you are somewhere you don’t like or you don’t like the person preaching or teaching don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You gave the right to leave and go elsewhere. I have known Pastor Danny for 44 years. Always enjoyed his teaching. I know Danny is a Godly man. He lives for God. He has a Godly wife and family. What people have done to him and what people are saying is NOT of God and you will reap what you sow. For the first time a few weeks ago my son asked if he could come to church. He has a medical service dog. We were told we weren’t welcomed by the so called security guys outside. The older one had tube nerve to question my sons disability. His dog and training then laughed at my son when told he had a disability. Really???? This is showing Gods love. I will always stand by Pastor Danny and his family. He is loved and we are praying for him. I Will Not go back to Calgary with out Danny and his family.

      3. Al Clark

        Actually it was a hostile take over. It was NOT the Calvary Chapel organization as Pastor Danny requested. Why was that? Hostile take over. May all the people involved in this nasty business be judged severely by the Lord, in this life and the next.

      4. Dan Allison

        Wow. Whoever this Ray person is, I don’t want to go to any church you attend, and you would not be welcome in my home. The expression of hateful self-righteousness articulated here frightens me. OF COURSE it was a “hostile takeover,” the contempt you have for everyone by talking down to us like children is FAR AND AWAY more prideful than anything I have ever seen from Pastor Hodges. People like RAY are precisely the reason the churches in this nation are dying and why no one wants to go.

    2. Carole A Collotty

      Ok, what did Pastor Danny not heed to? What did anyone including pastorserve think was wrong. And what is the healing that needs to take place. And POSSIBLY FOR ONE YEAR! And why are you anonymous? Put your name out there. If we knew who you were maybe we could trust what you say?

  3. I find it interesting when people accuse others of playing Bible bingo… when they themselves do the same! James 3 speaks of those who teach will be judged more strictly, God is the judge not the elders! King David was well aware of this and said, “I’m in a desperate situation!” David replied to Gad. “But let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great. Do not let me fall into human hands.” 2 Samuel 24:14

    When it comes to church discipline the church has a very bad track record and church history can testify of that. Many are not aware that the Word of God is filled with imperfect people that God still used regardless of their imperfections (sin) and the Lord resorting them back into ministry instead of discarding them as trash as soon as they sin.  Let’s take a look at Noah, the last righteous man on earth at the time, had a drinking problem who slept in the nude. (Genesis 9:20-21) Then we have Abraham, the forefather of our faith, who let other men walk off with his wife on two different occasions. (Genesis 12 and 20) And if that wasn’t bad enough we have Sarah Abraham’s wife, allowing her husband sleep with another woman and then hated her for it. (Genesis 16) Then we have Lot, who lost his father early in life, had a serious problem with choosing the wrong company. (Genesis 18-20) Jacob, was pretty much a pathological deceiver. (Genesis 25, 27, 30) We must not forget Reuben, the pride and firstborn of Jacob, was a pervert who slept with his father’s concubine. (Genesis 35:21) Then we have Moses, the humblest man on the face of the earth (Numbers 12:13), had a very serious problem with his temper. (Exodus 2, 32:19; Numbers 20:11) How about King David, the friend of God, concealed his adultery with a murder. (2 Samuel 11) Solomon, the wisest man in the world, was arguably the world’s greatest sex addict with 1,000 sexual partners. (1 Kings 11) and the prophet Hosea who was an incredibly forgiving man, grappled with the pain of a wife who could be described as a nymphomaniac. The Apostle Peter, also known as Cephas (John 1:42), was one of the first followers of Jesus Christ. Peter with his impulsive disorder and strong willed behavior caused many problems in his walk with Christ. Peter even had the audacity to rebuke the Lord in Matthew 16 for speaking of His death. Peter who boasted that he would never forsake the Lord, even if everyone else did (Matthew 26:33) and later denied three times that he even knew the Lord. Peter later driven by fear and anger drew his sword and struck the high priest’s servant Malchus, cutting off his right ear. Peter was eager, strong-willed and at times brash.  Then we have the Apostle who penned 13 of the 27 New Testament Books state, “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of sin and death?” (Romans 7:24) The Word of God is not clear on Paul’s particular issue, but it’s certainly is clear that… “No one is righteous, not even one.” (Romans 3:10) The Word of God states, if we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth. (1 John 1:8)

    Jesus instructed his disciples wash each others feet… not to cut each others feet as we see today in many churches! If our Heavenly Father would have treated those in His Word the way we treat one another today… the pages in the Bible would be empty!

    Perhaps Danny has transgressed in a level that would be unforgivable before man, but I doubt very much if it would be unforgivable before our Heavenly Father. Jesus died for Danny’s imperfections too as well as the imperfections in each of every one of us. That’s why we could sing… what can wash away my sin nothing but the blood of Jesus, what can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!  Oh, precious is the flow…that makes me white as snow. No other fount I know… nothing but the blood of Jesus! The only man that’s completely righteous is Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, who shed his blood for our sins.

    God help us to be more like Jesus and have compassion on sinners like Christ had, Amen!

    1. Wesley T. Chesser

      Thanks Brother,

    2. Carole A Collotty


    3. Carole A Collotty

      Tony, what a wonderful article! This is my thought too! God will not let Danny’s teaching be silent! What you wrote is exactly what my gut tells ,e and it’s what I feel. Danny said he will always be in ministry and I will be where he is. God will make right this wrong!

  4. State Of Florida Corporations website no longer shows Danny Hodges as the president of Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg Florida INC as of 04/26/2017. View the 2016-2017 annual report filings for further details.

    This website is provided to publish information. Due to troll and hateful comments the admin will moderate all comments. The old saying “don’t shoot the messenger’ applies here. Thanks for understanding

    1. Mike Ormsby

      Is this the “official” stance of the Calvary Chapel leadership? Who is the Blog Master and did this person write the article? How do we know these facts about the leaderships’ support of Danny are true? The Bible is very clear about the standards a Pastor and elders must uphold. If Danny failed in these areas and the leadership knew three years ago, why was there seemingly so much pressure on Danny now? It would seem the elders and leadership did not resolve the problems with Danny in a Biblical way. This is also very troubling.

      1. Might want to inquire about the accuracy of Florida state division of corporate records. A link is provided in this article for your convenience.

      2. Carole A Collotty

        Yes Mike, I feel the same way!

  5. Rick McCall

    We have to take Pastor Danny at his word. He said he is retiring and his farewell address will be May 27 and May 28. People recognize Christians by their love. What would it mean if Danny is not allowed to preach that weekend? What does an ecumenical group like PastorServe have to do with the Calvary Chapel organization?

    1. Carole A Collotty

      Rick, I have those same questions.

  6. God chose Danny over 20 years ago to feed the flock (preach and teach God’s Word) and Calvary Chapel St Pete today is a testament of God’s work in Danny’s life.

    Mary Magdalene’s testimony speaks volumes of how Christ’s compassion for sinners surpasses even the self-righteous edicts of man. She was considered to be a spectacular sinner… a prostitute who was caught in the very act of adultery (John 8:1-11) She felt the love that Jesus has for the sinners and expressed it in a way that would anger the self-righteous spectators by slowly pouring a pound of spikenard, a very expensive ointment from an alabaster jar on the head and feet of Jesus. She then did something very surprising … Mary lovingly wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears.

    Simon the Pharisee, who hosted the dinner and invited Jesus couldn’t understand why Jesus would let a woman with such a sinful past minister to him. Simon thought to himself, “If this man was a prophet, he would have known who and what sort of woman this is who is touching (serving) him, for she is a sinner.” Jesus knew what Simon was thinking as well as those who are involved with Danny’s removal from ministry. Simon and others fail to apprehend God’s compassion on sinners which transcends our understanding.

    Mary Magdalene was not discarded as a useless person for ministry but was mentioned in the Gospels as being among the women of Galilee who followed Jesus and His disciples, and who was present at His Crucifixion and Burial, and who went to the tomb on Easter Sunday to anoint His body. She was the first to see the Risen Lord, and to announce His Resurrection to the apostles. She has been referred to in early Christian writings as “the apostle to the apostles” and just as King David who sinned greatly our Heavenly Father still used their sin for His Glory.

    Calvary Chapels are based God’s grace on sinners which Chuck Smith was a great mentor to many. To defrock or as my catholic friends would say excommunicate Danny, this will be a win- win situation for the enemy… by letting the world see that Christians still continue to eat their wounded and worst to hinder the sheep from being fed by the shepherd that God has call to St Pete.

    God’s Grace is not is not open ended, Jesus said to Mary Magdalene: “I do not condemn you; go and sin no more.” (J 8:1-11) Danny could turn out to a better instrument of God after going through this fiery furnace if we allow God to do His work.


    1. Carole A Collotty

      Prayers that God’s Will will be to heal, mend and meld together, the congregation, all leadership INCLUDING PASTOR DANNY AND HIS FAMILY. This is a very hard time. It is already taking a toll on the church, I can see it. People can see it and this situation is making people question. I have to believe that if the majority of the congregation chooses to leave, it is showing Calvary a vote that this is, or has been done in an unjust way by so called Christians. It is still causing me sleepless nights and worry…..and that’s with leaning onGod and praying for God’s Will to right the wrong and put scripture, love, and forgivenss in all hearts before pride and ego.

  7. Carole A Collotty

    Something ie very wrong within Calvary, but it’s not, and never was Pastor Danny. I do know that God will make right a wrong! I continue to pray for Pastor Danny and his family. Do not accuse me of worshipping Danny………I worship God becaus Pastor Danny’s teachings were “taught right”‘which allowed me to see God and know that love. Ive always been a believer, but for 60+ years i spent time in many churches, many denominations and didnt really know why i was never satisfied…..UNTIL I WALKED INTO CALVARY TEN YEARS AGO….Immediately upon hearing Pastor Danny i knew what i had been missing and i fnally found it! My spiritual life had just began and I loved it! When I would enter Calvary there was a specific feeling in my heart and soul that only occurred when i was at Calvary,hearing Danny. I dont have that feeling anymore. It’s very sad and i am ONE sheep very lost. Until the total truth is told to us i cannot as a Christian attend Calvary. I do not feel like Calvary was Christian to Danny. The truth will come out. Until then i will not tithe to Calvary, nor attend.

  8. Bob Schlechy

    With all of this truth why will the owners of this website and the contributors come out and say who they are? Why won’t they say where they are getting their information? In the absence of the full truth I will continue to call this gossip and darkness intended to spread division. There is no biblical principal at work here. Where are your biblical references for delivering this truth in this way? Danny always gave biblical reference when he offered his opinion. Did you learn nothing from the man?

    1. Bob, why did Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg hire an outside source (PastorServe) to secretly investigate My Pastor?

  9. Sidney

    Did anyone watch calvary live-stream today? In the beginning the camera showed a lot of people in attendance. After the singing, Fancy Renard did the church announcements.

    Then as Sebastian began the mornings service the camera slowly panned in toward him. There were a lot of empty seats.

    1. Carole A Collotty

      Sidney, I noticed the same while watching online last night. Can’t bring myself to go back there right now, maybe never depending upon the outcome.

  10. Deborah Carrier

    What it boils down to for me is I was growing in my christian walk under a good teacher who spoke the words straight from the bible, that is no longer the case, I like the other pastors but have trouble keeping up with ANY of the remaining pastors, I’m not learning anything new and the WORD is not being explained where I or others I know do not feel like they are growing. After 18 years we find it very hard to believe pastor Danny food anything to deserve this. The board and their secrecy as well as senastians message is part of what is dividing the church.

    1. Carole A Collotty


  11. TonyE

    God is a God of new beginnings. If I was Danny, I would start a small fellowship like he did in the early 90’s back in the warehouse and watch the Lord continue to use the shepherd that He has called to St Pete. God is not through with Danny like He was not through with King David or any of the other Patriarchs in the Bible when they sinned.

    This just might be a pruning process that Danny is going through, God cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. John 15:2

    The elders at CCSP did not call Danny to Preach/Teach the Word of God… Jesus did! The sheep need to be fed and Danny is the person who God has called no matter how hard the devil and his cohorts are trying to stop God’s Word from being preached in St Pete.

    Keep praying people and watch the mighty Hand of God move once again!


    1. Rebeca Gallegos


      YES, YES, YES! I’ve suspected all along that God may use Danny to build a brand new fellowship from the ground up. There’s something very real that happens when God gathers a group of outcasts (which he, and we, now are from CC St. Pete), puts a faith-filled and battle-proven man of God as their leader, and begins a new move of God. It’s revival! It’s living life on the edge, it’s hard, it creates bonds that will never be broken. It’s amazing, worship-inspiring, life-changing, purifying.

      As for the building, let them have it and each other. I’ll take Danny and Wendy over all the trappings in a HEARTBEAT. We know what we get with him: the truth, and The Truth.

      Please everyone, don’t be quick to believe the lie that Danny is no longer your Pastor. He could no more be an average, ordinary member of any fellowship than a leopard could change its spots! He’s compelled to teach and preach the Word of God, and that’s what he’s going to do until his dying day. It’s inside of him.


      Persecution of the early church, instead of shutting the Work of God down, had the opposite effect: it fanned the flames of joy and commitment and revival and spread the gospel far and wide.

      Persecution of our Pastor and us, his flock, will bring the same results:
      Commitment to the Word of God and each other.
      Great joy in the midst of suffering.
      The gospel, being spread far and wide.

      So my prayer is that we will all be strong, very courageous, confident in our mighty God, and ready for the Work ahead of us. We know Danny and Wendy are in deep fellowship with the Lord during the time, and they are receiving their marching orders. Surround them, and us, with yourself, Jesus. Lift them above these circumstances to where You are, and let them see clearly the mission for this next chapter in the journey. Jesus, in You all things holds together, and You make everything beautiful It’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

      God gives according to His love:

      “For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”
      ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭3:14-21‬ ‭

      We receive according to our faith:

      “As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, ‘Have mercy on us, Son of David!’ When he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, ‘Do you believe that I CAN to do this?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ they replied. Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith let it be done to you’;”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭9:27-29‬ ‭


      1. TonyE

        Thanks Rebeca, the entire history of Calvary Chapels began with God using Chuck Smith to reach out to those who society deemed as out casts (hippies back then) and give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The theme of Calvary is… Come just as you are, Hear the Spirit call, Come just as you are and receive Life everlasting, Strength for today; taste the living water you will never thirst again! (¬‿¬)

        1. Rebeca Gallegos

          So true! I forgot that I knew that!

  12. No one takes pleasure in what is occurring in CCSP and everyone is being impacted by the recent obscure decision of removing Danny from what God has called him to do. The (so called) leadership sorta reminds me of Numbers 16 when Korah thought that he could do a better job leading God’s people than Moses and lead a revolt against God’s divinely appointed leader. By doing so Korah demonstrates the grim consequences of usurping the authority of God and of those whom He has chosen to be leaders of His people.

    By no means am I suggesting what Moses proposed to prove the source of his authority. ( And God opened up the earth and swallowed the rebels, their families, and all their possessions. Furthermore, “fire came out from the LORD” and consumed the other 250 men who were party to Korah’s rebellion. The rest of the Israelites were terrified and fled.) Numbers 16:31-35

    But I do suggest that this dilemma requires a supernatural intervention of Biblical proportion to rectify the wrong that has taken place on every side of the equation.

    How do you spell relief people… P-R-A-Y-E-R!


  13. Sherry

    Please, Please tell us the truth and let the congregation decide. We love Pastor Danny and want him to return.

  14. Ann M

    We are happily transplanted at CCPH.

  15. Robin Cuahonte

    I was absolutely broken hearted when I read the news, but that news seemed to imply he would be there until the end of May. I decided at that point I would attend every service so as to “soak up” as much of Danny and the way he delivered God’s word, like no one else.

    I found out that I was tricked when I went to see him and he wasn’t there. I thought maybe it was a mistake. I then called and was told he would not be returning. Well, then, neither will I!

    Danny IS Calvary, whether anyone wants to admit or acknowledge that.

    I am in desperate need of Danny and his deliverance of The Word, desperate, like you have no idea, but I will not return there and am not “well” enough to find a new church, no matter how bad my need is.

    I hope he does start a new church, but I hope he finds a big place and I don’t care what it looks like, smells like, where it is or whether I have to stand or sit on a dirty floor.

    That man is a true man of God and I don’t know what nor care what he did.

    Can anyone reach out to him and is there anyone to offer a building?

  16. Jasmine Ancona

    God revealed Himself and saved me while attending Calvary chapel and I deeply respect and admire Danny and thank God for gifting him as a wonderful teacher of the Bible. I grew so much and learned so much underneath his teaching and am grateful because I needed it desperately in my early walk as a Christian, not knowing anything about the Bible or what it looks like to follow Christ.

    I have to say how sad I am about this whole thing. This division makes me sad, the sin that has led to this break up, and honestly this website makes me sad. We are ONE church, ONE body of Christ and that is by Gods grace in Christ and nothing else. Danny is wonderful but he is not the whole church (I do not condone any wrong doing done to him and respect and pray for him a lot since this whole thing) and the people who (I don’t believe much of anything because it’s hear say and not my place) might have been against him or outed him are sinners saved by grace and for no reason should we be given into anger towards a brother or sister and create divisions.

    Jesus did not revile because He entrusted Himself to God, David did not retaliate against Saul because he was Gods anointed and David sought Gods vengeance, when a man on the street threw stones at David he did nothing back but said “maybe the lord has brought this about”.

    I honestly don’t know whether my words make a difference and I too need to look at myself and examine my feelings and motives. I do however believe we need to TRUST GOD, serve God, seek God, PRAY PRAY PRAY and see that God is in control of every dust particle that moves within this world and He is very much in control of this. Maybe this was brought about by evil that was meant for good for Danny and Calvary Chapel. God is using these unfortunate circumstances in order to make a new thing. The body needs to stick together esp in times as these, let not the flesh make allowances to tear down His church. I love all in this situation and am brought to full awareness how desperately I need to pray about it. To God be the glory…

  17. al merando

    danny always said beware of false prophets. he is our teacher, calvary chapel is just a building without danny’s teachings. keep up the good work.

  18. Vivian Carter

    Something in my spirit has not sat right since Pastor Danny announced he was leaving CCSP….there was a still small voice speaking to me but I could not yet interpret what God was trying to show me. I patiently continued to attend services at Calvary Chapel standing in faith that God would reveal Himself and His plan. Today He did just that. This morning Dave Dodge announced that there would be a meeting at 12:30 and if “you consider yourself a member of Calvary Chapel you should attend”. This was the first I had heard about this. What took place after our Sunday morning worship was similar to a political mudslinging campaign..at no point did I ever hear any acknowlegmemt of all the great things Pastor Danny had ministered to further the kingdom of God for the past 34 years. There was no mention that while he is anointed to teach the word of God, he is nonetheless human and culpable to falling short of the glory of God. Never was it said that the “board” was searching for ways to help. And there was no mention of the price tag that came along with the outside entity Pasterserve when Calvary Chapel would be the appropriate entity to utilize which would come at no cost. My skin was crawling as I sat through what felt like a prideful session of”this is why we are right”. “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5. My thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Danny and his family, and I eagerly await to participate in the new opportunity God has in store for him to help further the kingdom. In love and service

  19. Christine

    Hi-side note for clarity regarding a link on the right side…
    Calvary Chapel Global Network is headed by Brian Brodersen at the old website, https://calvarychapel.com.

    Calvary Chapel Association is headed by a group of pastors, such as Mike McIntosh, Joe Focht, etc. http://calvarychapelassociation.com

    May the Lord give truth, guidance and wisdom, healing and reconciliation, to all that were and are a part of CCSP. Praying for you.

    1. Thank you for the correction.

  20. Ann

    Enjoying Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor

  21. Ann

    Enjoying Calvary Chapel Palm Harbor

  22. Eva M. ELDER

    We miss Pastor Danny n we need Pastor Danny!!!

    1. Rebeca Gallegos

      We are going to be reunited with our beloved Pastor Danny for the first official worship and information service as Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Pete. That’s taking place this Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 AM, at the Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center, which I believe is on 78th Ave. Google that place Eva to get an exact address. I’m Rebeca Gallegos and I am looking forward to meeting you!

      1. Dia

        I get Jesus bumps thinking about it!! =)

      2. Rhea


        Will the services be held @ Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center moving forward? Or theres a chance of venue change?

        1. Next week pastor Danny will be at the Palladium Theater downtown St. Pete. See today’s blog post for further details.

  23. Bob Schlechty

    Just curious if in light of Danny’s comments regarding stopping social media if this website, FB and other pages will be removed?

    1. Don’t count on it Bob.. ?

  24. Anonymous SN

    As we all are, the Church Elders and Board will be obviously brought to humility, and find out the hard way, how they have used their disgruntled feelings to throw out Danny Hodges, whom God had appointed leader of Calvary Chapel St. Pete

    1. They also forgot it was pastor Danny Hodges gift from the lord that built ccsp to begin with. Without him the once vibrant church is nothing but a building now. With the overhead of that place it won’t be long before it’s all over for them!

      1. TonyE

        I personally flew down to speak with Dave Dodge and warned him what was about to happen to CCSP if they didn’t reconsider and also asked him why is it the sheep that always have to suffer for the actions of those Wayward Shepherds.

  25. Rebeca Gallegos

    So hrateful that you did that Tony. You didn’t have to do that, I know. But you ARE Calvary Advisor…

    Tony, can you help us understand how a bunch of Christian men can conspire together and continue in a course that is so obviously against God’s will? How could this happen? And how do we keep it from happening g to US? Teachable moment, my friend.

    1. TonyE

      Jesus had an inner circle men Peter and his brother Andrew, and the sons of thunder John and James (Mark 3:17) These guys hung around with Jesus and most of us in Calvary Chapel have very close guys (elders) that we watch each other’s back not matter what’s going on we could come and share with one another and if we see the other guy slip… we are not scared to slap him on the head and corrected him and that goes both ways. Chuck Smith had Romaine as a very close friend and a wife that stood by Chuck through thick or thin.

      Accountability is a big word that not too many like to practice but is essential in any ministry.

      1. TonyE

        I just noticed that I only addressed point B of your two-part question. A bitter individual can do horrible things and in Hebrews 12:15,  the author states “Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many.”

        Bitterness can be tricky to recognize because it’s not a symptom or visible on the surface like anger usually is. Many claim that they aren’t an angry or hateful, but that’s not what bitterness is all about. Bitterness is an underlying problem that doesn’t always manifest on the outside, but dwells in that person’s system as the guys at CCSP leading them to do the unthinkable.

        As I previously mentioned those men (Elders) who are very close to me are not afraid of letting me know if and when I get out of line and I welcome their looking out for me… no man is his own island! If God incarnate had close confidants, how much more we who are no perfect have some too!

    2. Rebeca Gallegos


  26. Rebeca Gallegos

    We need to be accountable to others, and we don’t need to worry about calling someone to account as long as it’s truly done in love? If that’s what I hear you saying, that’s a good word and wise advice to follow.

    1. TonyE

      As iron sharpens iron,  so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17

      1. Rebeca Gallegos


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